May 01, 2011

It's Potty Time!!

I almost forgot to snap a picture to start off a pic a day in May! Ha! This may be a real challenge for me since I don't blog on a consistent daily basis but I'm really going to try!

Anywho, we're back to some ugly weather, filled with tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings, and flood warnings, among other stuff! It makes me anxious, especially after seeing all the devastation that has occurred in the midsouth and south. It was so depressing this morning I decided to take a trip to Babies/Toys R' Us and shop for the new baby and Logan (side note: I miss my Eatontown [NJ] Babies R' Us. They weren't a combined store and I could find everything). 

I came home with nothing for the new baby but with a potty for Logan! It's probably best to at least try and start now, so we can hopefully be buying only one box of diapers instead of two, and Logan's been suffering from a pretty nasty diaper rash lately, so I'm hoping that if I can get him on the potty he'll have a better hiney too!

We spent most of the day out and about and when we came home we just placed it on the floor and let Logan sit in it (with his diaper on) and drag it all over the house!  We really weren't paying attention to him, Chris was online and I was reading a magazine, when he sat down on it and looked at us and shouted "I'm pooping"! Ha! So we clapped and encouraged him to keep going not really thinking he was going. But he did, in his diaper, but he still went! I'm one proud momma! Now to get him on the potty without his diaper! This is still a dreaded Mommy moment for me but I'm hopeful =)

Potty time!!

You like his "drunken" look? He was talking and getting up at the same time..


Liz said...

OK, there is a Babies R Us off Winchester. A real one. Not combined. Look it up,... you'll get your fix there!

Secondly, have you tried Resinol for Logan's diaper rash? It is phenomenal! My kids both suffered from serious diaper rashes and this was the only thing that really took care of it. It's over the counter, but they keep it behind the counter.

Personally, I think Logan is off to a great start with the potty training!

Krystle said...

I will definitely check it out!! Thanks for the tip =)

I haven't tried Resinol but I bought Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it actually worked SOOO much better than the Desitin and Balmex, but I'll try it next time if the butt paste stops working!

And thank you. I hope it just gets easier from here but I'm not letting myself get optimistic just yet. I'm gonna try Toy Story Pull Ups and Toy Story underwear to try and encourage him to get outta of his diapers and since he LOVES Toy Story I'm hoping that it'll just help it along.


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