April 30, 2011

Oh, bother!

 Today I was given the rare pleasure of having off from work! Woo! Chris wanted to go strawberry picking and I thought we were going locally except we weren't. He wanted to head over to Cedar Hills Farm and so we packed up for a mini day trip and left, howeverrr, when we got there there was NOTHING going on except a birthday party. It was looking kinda empty so Chris went up to ask somebody what was going on and he was told that they had taken the strawberries over to their local farmer's market and sold out!! The guy there gave Chris some tips and so we decided to head on back home. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time!

On our way to the farm I saw an ice cream shop, not a chain shop, but a privately owned one! I definitely wanted to stop there so on our way back we stopped at Velvet Cream, a.k.a The Dip! OMG! Delish and I don't think I'm saying this because I'm pregnant but I have been nostalgic for some good soft serve ice cream, so I could totally be biased =)

Anyway I had a mix (chocolate/vanilla ice cream) with sprinkles in a waffle cone, Chris had a Reese's Pieces concrete (the equivalent to a Blizzard) and we got Logan a mix in a cup! Amazing! Made me miss local places like Strollo's Italian Ice (which serves ice cream as well) from back at home.

Logan loved it too!
Yes, I'm a brave soul for letting my son eat chocolate ice cream in my car!
I only wished I took a picture of what his white shirt looked like when we got home.

Oh P.S. I'm joining Liz with her picture a day in May!! It's starts tomorrow! Go here to read and see her past posts on a pic a day in May and grab her button (which is below) if you decide to join in on the fun =)

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