August 31, 2010


I've never been to Ireland
But I would love to go!

I love the culture, the language, the symbolism

I celebrate St. Patrick's Day without having an ounce of Irish in me
I gear myself up in green, drink a Guinness, and shout Slainte! 

Maybe in lieu of a wedding, because at this point a traditional wedding is looking bleak, Chris and I will get married at the justice of the peace and splurge on a trip to Ireland!

August 29, 2010

Fall Book List!

One of my very favorite pasttimes is reading. I can read a book in one day or drag it out for a month, but the latter usually never happens! Since my summer reading list wasn't that impressive I decided to compile a list of books that I would very much like to try and get through for the fall! Without further ado here it is:

It's a tall order, I know, but they can always carry over into winter =)

August 26, 2010

17 Months

Ooops....Logan's been 17 months for a week already and I'm just getting around to this.

Here's what new stuff you've been up to Logan:
  • You can climb up and down on practically anything
  • Your favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, and PB&J
  • Right now you have 1 tooth poking through and 2 on the verge of coming through
  • You got your first coloring book and color with a crayon in each hand
  • You love your Grandpop Matt and have even said Grandpop
  • You love being on the boat and swimming
  • You love being outside!
  • You love to be chased!
  • You dance to music YOU like!
  • Anything with buttons is a phone
  • You still have a love for puppies
  • You love when Daddy walks through the door
  • You miss Mommy when you haven't been with her all day.
  • Mommy & Daddy both love you too with all of our hearts, everyday!

August 25, 2010

100 & Walk for Awareness

(image via)
Here it is my 100th post!
Thank you for reading and to my followers for following.
I love reading your comments!
Thank you
My 100th post doesn't come with a giveaway or a freebie, sadly, but I thought this would be a great post to share with you about a great awareness foundation.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!
Back in 2008, Chris attended a walk for the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation, in memory of his best friend's mom, Mary Frances, who had passed away from the disease in 2004.  I never met Mary Frances but Chris always tells stories about her, her deep Irish accent, and has fond memories of her. I would've loved to have met her. In 2009, we both attended the walk, with Logan, for the same foundation, and Team Mary Frances, not only had increased their group size but their donations, as well!

The 2009 Team Mary Frances group

This year Mary Frances' family and their friends will be walking for their 3rd year in a row! Unfortunately, we won't be able to walk with them BUT we did find an ovarian cancer awareness organization, here, in the Memphis area and they are doing a walk! The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation is having their walk September 18, 2010 at Shelby Farms!! So if you're in the Memphis area or live around the Memphis area and are interested in walking for a great cause you should definitely look into this!

August 24, 2010

I've Been Thinking...

About rainy days! I miss them.

We haven't had many rainy days here in TN!

I love the smell, the dark clouds, the rumble of thunder

I love snuggling up with a good book, a blanket, something hot to drink and my baby!

I love the sound of the rain falling on the window or hitting the leaves!

I love the puddles too!

images via

August 22, 2010

New Jersey

*Forewarning: This post is picture laden and LONG =)*
Our summer has un-officially come to an end with our trip to New Jersey. Last Saturday we made way back to our old stomping grounds and planned to vacay, instead, we ended up visiting galore, which was fun and stressful, in and of itself.

We spent most of the week on Chris' dads boat, which was the most amazing way to end the day!! Boat rides on the bay never get old and it's the life! Let's just say I love coastal living ♥


Logan enjoying his nightly boatride!

I mean really, how could anyone not love this view?

We went and visited with family, who we miss sooo much, especially after seeing how all the babies play so well together!
Logan with his cousins, Leigha, Ally, & Natalie
Logan with his cousin Audrina
Look at the love!
Logan with his friend, Joseph
His cousins taking him for a walk. Yes, Logan is in a pink toy and only because it was a free grandma find! Ha!

We took Logan to Jenkinson's Boardwalk & Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant, NJ, with our friend Mel & her daughter, Jaclyn. It was hairy for a minute there because Logan got sunblock in his eyes, it was hot, and one of Logan's teeth decided it wanted to pick that day to start poking through and causing pain! After a dose of water in the eyes, some Baby Orajel on the gums, and a cool down at the aquarium things were happy again!
Fishie ride!
Jaclyn & Logan were inseparable too! He wouldn't let anyone else hold him or go to anyone else!!
Watching penguins!
Mel & I
All done, with Jenks that is!

We mixed the week with some dips in the pool, jet skiing, crabbing, and eating ice cream. I had ice cream 4 out of the 8 days we were there!! Jeffreeze's was the BEST ice cream I had! Stewart's Root Beer ice cream came in second!
Here I am learning how to jet ski!!
The crabs we caught!
And here's the man who's I got to spend one incredible week with. He makes the world a brighter place, makes my dreams a reality, and he's always supportive of me. I couldn't ask for a better man and I wouldn't. (Get ready for my gush moment!!) He completes me. ♥

It was a great trip and I absolutely loved seeing and spending time with everyone. Granted there were some who we didn't get to spend time with, but I think Chris and I have come up with a plan so that next time that doesn't happen. I loved watching my son interact with his family. He poked a new tooth while we were away, he turned 17 months old, and he said "Grandpop". All of these memories I wouldn't trade for anything, ever! I do have to say, though, I'm happy to be home! Yes, home, in TN. I didn't realize how much I would miss it. Maybe it was because I missed my bed or because I missed my laid back routine, but either way, I missed my home in TN and I'm so glad to be home. =)

August 13, 2010

Oh, Boy!

Logan went for his 2nd haircut today and I really, really hoped that he wouldn't be freaked out like he was for his first. I honestly think he was worse this time than the first time. We were there for 40 minutes, which probably had more to do with it, but the stylist did an awesome job!
Unfortunately my son looks like he has aged another whole year!
And to make up for Mommy's haircut torture, we went to Sonic for lunch!
After lunch and a long nap there are no signs of haircut torture scars =)
Have a great weekend!

August 12, 2010

Snow Layout?

I know, I know, August isn't even finished and, not only does my new blog layout look like Fall, but here I am working on snow layouts.  I had the pics and I found the cutest kit at Eclectica and I had to do it!

"Playing in the Snow"
(Paper collection is Eskimo Kisses)

Mine is a little different in that I didn't have a distresser and the person who put the kit together did. The distresser did give it a little more dimension but it doesn't make or break the layout so you don't necessarily need to do it! When I was finished with these two pages, I had more than enough material to put together another page!

How cute is the deer?! I wanted to incorporate it somehow and I was able to do here!
Next LOs: Valentine's Day & the St. Patrick's Day parade!

August 10, 2010

An Eclectica Giveaway!

Remember yesterday how I posted my favorite Fall things?
and Halloween being one of my favorite holidays?

Well Eclectica Scrapbooks and Stamps is having a Halloween paper giveaway!!!
The paper is by S*E*I and is sooooo adorable!

It's really simple to enter too!
Just head on over to their blog!

August 09, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

I think I finally figured out my favorite season. It's Autumn or Fall. Every year when September is around the corner I get excited! I try not to start decorating until September but I can't help but get giddy about all my favorite fall things!

(Buying Fall scented candles, which I did this weekend!
Apple Cider & Autumn Fruit)
Foilage changing it's colors
Pumpkin pickin'
Apple picking, pies, stews, sweatshirts with shorts and flip flops, crisp cool nights, Thanksgiving, and so much more! I'm sorry to my summer lovin' readers who dread the end of the hot season, I love it too, just not in August. I'm ready for some fall!

images via weheartit

August 05, 2010

Wholesome Goodness!

It's a million degrees outside and my goal today was to bake! Yes, bake! I made a chocolate-everyday cake, or at least that's what Smitten Kitchen dubbed it! I have no idea how it tastes because I just made it but it smells amazing in here! So if it's anything like it smells I'm betting that it'll be good! Click on the link for the recipe and to check out Smitten Kitchen's blog! I love her recipes!

In the oven.

On another good note, I landed a job. It's part time with room to grow and be full time, which is good too. At least I won't be anxious in wondering how I'm going to pay my astronomical student loans!

(Did I mention I love Grey's Anatomy?
I more than love it. If it went off air I would cry!
But anyway, this is what I felt like doing today!)

August 04, 2010

"Man It's a Hot One"

"Like 7 inches from the midday sun" -- Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas.
This song reminded me of today and possibly the rest of the week!
(photo courtesy of glowworm94 on photobucket)

I finished my first book on the Nook.
It was ok.
The book that is!
The Nook, or Nookette, as I've named her
Is amazing.
On to the next one!!

August 02, 2010

Back to life, Back to reality!

But first let's recap the happenings of this weekend starting with Friday! Well my mom was so awesome and took Logan for the weekend, so I was left with a free weekend sans baby, to relax! And relax I did. I got all those errands that are 2 seconds, but longer with baby, done in a matter of an hour. Chris surprised me with an "Go to B&N and buy yourself the Nook, here's $$"! Needless to say I bought it, I love it, and I haven't let it go since! (Ha! I guess my talk [begging] paid off!! =)
I got to have lunch with Christopher at Celtic Crossing, in Memphis, which is my new favorite place to go. Can't wait for St. Patrick's Day! Slainte!! =)
After lunch I had a mini pedicure over at Gould's Salon Day Spa & Salon! I love that place and I've only gone in there one other time for a brow wax. But the girls/guys are sooo nice and they always talk to their clients, which is great! Anyways, after that I went home and played with my Nook, when I should've been packing to go away.

The goal for this weekend was for Chris and I to go away, locally, and give my mom the opportunity to spend the whole weekend without us. Since we would still have to pick up Logan we headed out that way and decided to go to Branson, where we could shop at the outlets and do whatever there was to do. Well that didn't happen. All the hotels and the decent looking motels were taken, booked solid, apparently, lots going on in Branson. So tired and hungry (we left without eating dinner) I made the executive decision to go to my mom's.  Weekend getaway goal=failed but at least we got to spend sometime with my parents and sister! All in all a good weekend!
(Logan sitting in a basket, he barely fits in, with his G-Pa's hat on)


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