August 31, 2011

New Loves

Today I took a day for myself. I felt (feel) selfish and foolish but oh so wonderful!
I enjoyed trips to Starbuck's Michael's, Target and then had lunch with my hun at McAlister's!

I love Starbuck's Iced Tea Lemonade Passion Fruit (sweetened) but today I had the White Chocolate Mocha and I totally regretted getting just a tall (small).  I didn't know if I was going to like it but I fell for it! Next time I'm making it count =) Oh and it was great with the shortbread cookies, ever try those? They're my favorites...

(via Pinterest)

I bought this cute cardigan at Target (along with the peanut M&M's I've been craving) and some frames for the nursery. On a side note, Target changed their website, and I'm not liking it at all! (That's just me, though)

I can't wait for fall and have already picked out a few things from Old Navy that I want! I decided I'm going to try and be colorful this fall and winter. I'm trying to stay away from safe colors like brown, black, and olive green. I really want a wardrobe instead of just clothes hanging in my closet looking sad. I used to buy clothes all the time and then I stopped. My style is depressing and I started changing that with my maternity clothes but now it's almost time to get out of my maternity clothes, so my regular clothes will need a revamp, as will my postpartum body!

I've had this obsession all summer long with McAlister's sweet tea and had to go there today! So I called up Chris and told him lunch was on me...Sweet, delicious goodness! This coming from the girl who NEVER liked fresh brewed ice tea! 

So far a good day! I'm going to go enjoy some quiet time and scrapbook! Maybe I'll even take pictures of the ones I've already completed and share!

August 29, 2011

Pinterest Picks: Baby

I realize that my past posts have been about my pinterest finds and, honestly, I don't mean to bore you but I'm really not doing anything blog worthy as of lately, except, well, Pinterest.

Anyways, with the impending birth of baby #2, I've been looking at baby photography and getting some ideas. I really wish Pinterest was around with Logan.

Because fall's just around the corner!

My favorite!

On a stack of books for the book lover in me =)

If Logan can sit still long enough to do sibling pictures

This would be a perfect picture for an announcement!

D-Day is fast approaching for my little one! Can't wait until he's here and to make new memories with him!

August 23, 2011


I have two decorating dilemmas on the brain right now: Logan's room & the living room.

Logan's room should be easy, right? Wrong! Seriously, I can't find an inkling of inspiration for his room, from the color down to the accessories. I need help and I turned to none other than Pinterest for some inspiration but nada! I'm really leaning towards green but what shade of green? Ahhh, the choices make this hard, plus the fact that we've already painted L's room once and will be repainting it again. (Here are some Pinterest inspiration green rooms):

Chris said doing an accent wall like this again was "So last year" (Really?)

Lowe's doesn't make this color anymore =(

I like this shade of green alot..Might go with this one.

I believe this is wallpaper...

(images via Pinterest)

Okay, so for the second dilemma, my living room. This room carries the hallways and the entrance to the house on its shoulders. Everything would have to be the same color and then be able to coordinate with a dining room that's opened but it's own separate room....

That's just one view of the LR. We want to get chocolate colored couches but I really don't want to do tan walls anymore. I think I'm tanned out...So what to do? I could do a blue living room but what does that mean for my hallways, could they be tan? Chris wanted to do an olive green but I think that's just as overdone as the tan. Again, Pinterest was a source for some inspiration but I also came up with nothing...Here are some of the things I've sorta liked off of Pinterest:

Red with a white accent wall?

Navajo White by Sherwin-Williams
with some coral accents?

A taupe-gray?

Or maybe a color palette like this?

(Images also via Pinterest)

Do you see the dilemma? Way to many choices for a girl with an indecisive nature who has become a Pinterest addict! Ha! If you have any advice pass it along =)

August 22, 2011

Ready for Fall?

I know I am! I've been sitting here desperately awaiting the 1st of the September so that I can put out my fall decor (yes, I realize that fall doesn't officially start until the 21st or the 23rd, Ha!).

Sept. throught Dec. are definitely my favorite months. I love the smells, cooking, decorating, baking and dressing for those months! I'm anticipating it's arrival this year for various reasons, one being, a new baby to make new memories with but also I've been a Pinterest addict this summer and have seen some really neat fall ideas.

(Apple Braid Bread...yum!)

Pumpkin pie cupcakes with Graham cracker bottom!!

How cute!? We're growing our own pumpkins so if we get a big enough pumpkin this will definitely be photo opportunity with the new baby!!

(All images via Pinterest)

August 15, 2011

Life is Sweet.

I need to keep reminding myself of that, especially, in the final days and weeks of this pregnancy. I'm so uncomfortable and tired I feel like I can never catch up. I know it'll all be worth it when I see my new baby and all my boys together =)

Anyways, nursery is almost done! I can't wait to share the pics and Logan's getting a big boy bed and some much needed attention to his room. I feel so guilty that the baby's room is pretty much complete and Logan's room has been in limbo since we moved in. I foresee a struggle on keeping the balance with my boys...

What else has been new? Not much really. It's been pretty hot and I've kept to the AC most of the summer. Amazingly this morning when I let the dog out it was cold! Could it be that we'll get an actual fall? I sure hope so because I'm ready for fall and Halloween decorations =)

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer ♥ Have a great week and I hope to be back in the blogging swing of things soon!


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