June 28, 2011

Summer Rut!

I'm in a summer blogging rut! Today is no different, however, it's been a while, and I didn't want to end the month with only 4 posts!
I'll be spending the day playing the role of Cinderella minus the fairy godmother and the ball! It's a rainy morning so it's the perfect day! I hope to be back with a post on something later =) Hope you all have a happy Tuesday! xo

June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

This is what Father's Day is about! Proudly wearing the shirt that a little boy made for his daddy at school and enjoying the day running around in the backyard. I'm proud that this man is the father of my babies and for all that he's done for both of us! Thank you Chris ♥ We love you so much xo!

And because I love that man so much I decided to try this Cheesecake-Marble Brownie recipe, made from scratch for him, along with making him a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs! I'll be posting about that later but let's just say it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Baby news: Yesterday we had a drs. appointment! Everything looks good and that pound that I had gained my last visit, I lost this visit! My weight has definitely fluctuated this time around, either that or the scale is just off in her office. Anywho, we are now starting the bi-weekly visits to the dr. which means.....WE'RE ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE!!!  It feels like it's been forever but we're at 28 weeks today!! I can't wait to see what he looks like and I keep wondering if he'll look like Logan. Eleven more weeks or so and we'll know =)

June 14, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Has it really been a week or so since I last posted?  I think we need to do another 30 day photo challenge! Ha! Sorry, things have been a little crazy and so darn hot that all we've done is read books, play in the kiddie pool, or hide out in the AC! I'm pregnant, remember, for the next 13 weeks, in the grueling midsouth summer! Oh boy!

Anyways, I really thought I had a post about our cute little garden that we had started but apparently I never got around to it! Ha! So here's what our garden looked like in it's beginning days:

They were just babies!

Well let's just say it ain't so little anymore!!!

Garden love ♥

The cucumber plant that is GINORMOUS but has yet to sprout any cukes!

The eggplant. I don't know why we planted it because neither one of us likes it!

The watermelon that is finally growing!!! Maybe we'll have some watermelon by Christmas...

The tomatoes! One of seven plants. My favorite part of these plants is touching the plants and smelling that tomato herb smell on my hands! ♥

Finally a mini pepper...There are probably 4 or 5 of these plants.  So it looks like I'll be making lots of salsa!

I'm so proud of how this garden is growing. Every morning I'll go outside to see if something else has sprouted or to see how much bigger it's grown! Chris is doing a lot of the leg work with this garden and I know he's pretty proud of it too.

June 08, 2011

Bathroom Project Complete...Almost.

*Blogger, we're NOT friends right now. This is the 2nd time I'm writing this post!*

Logan's bathroom that I worked on a few months back has been done since April, so this is pretty late coming, but since I blogged about it (you can read it about it here) I wanted to finish it up. 

Here are the befores:
I had some issues with the towel rack placement.

The light fixture had to go! After buying a light fixture for this bathroom and seeing how much that particular fixture costs I understand why they get used. They're only like $20!

Originally when I took down the towel rack and the toilet paper holder I assumed that the room was painted a chocolate brown but when we took down the medicine cabinet it turned out to be purple!

Filling in some holes. I had bought a light fixture for this room that I LOVED but the base didn't cover the hole entirely. It didn't make sense to fill in the hole and repaint the area again so we just returned that one and bought another.

Now the afters:
The color we used is Blue Lagoon (CI189) by Valspar. We bought a double towel rack from Lowe's (made by Delta) and placed it more in the center of the room. I kept the medicine cabinet because I did like it and we moved the towel paper holder to the side of the vanity, closer to the toilet. I really wanted yellow to be the accent color and was going to go with the shower curtain (pictured below) by West Elm. It wasn't jiving with Chris so we ended up purchasing the one pictured in our bathroom from Land of Nod and ended up using the lime green as the accent color. I still need to get a rug for this bathroom that stretches from the sink to the bathtub at least.

source: West Elm
My biggest splurges on this room were definitely the faucet and light fixtures (both made by Delta).  We still need to swap out the beige switches and outlets to white, which we have, we just haven't gotten around to yet. The green tumbler I purchased at Target for $4.99! They had them in all kinds of colors too!

The door knob needs to be changed to match the finish in the bathroom but it's a minor detail that can get changed later! The towels are temporary, since, I'd like to get monogrammed towels with the boys names on them but for the price (bath towels were $4.99 & the hand towels were $3.99 from Target) I can't complain and they matched almost perfectly! Eventually I would like to replace the vanity and mirror but that's a long ways away! Up next: Project Family Room or Project Nursery!

June 06, 2011

Hot Springs

Hot Springs was hot this weekend but I LOVED it and can't wait to go back with Logan, when it's much cooler! Ha! I wanted to do something a little special for my love's birthday (which was Saturday) and I thought a weekend getaway with just me fit the bill!

My mom was awesome enough to come down and watch Logan for the weekend. So we left Friday but before we left I went and bought Chris a cake to sing him Happy Birthday with Logan! Logan had fun singing, trying to blow out the candles and of course, eating the cake!

After that we headed out for a weekend away! On Saturday we enjoyed a Duck Tour, which was about an hour and 20 minutes of riding a bus/boat! It was fun and something Chris wanted to do! We visited Madam Tusseau's Wax Museum. I was able to take some pictures but after that my camera died!! GRR! So I didn't get to take the pictures I wanted (and in my defense I thought I had an extra battery, but I didn't). 

We visited the springs which were across the street! This picture I took with my phone, so it's less than par but it's beautiful to see nonetheless.

We shopped at various little boutiques in the downtown area and ate at some pretty cute and good places! Later we went mini golfing!! It was so humid and sticky that we didn't take pictures of each other but I managed to get these two with my phone.
Pirates Cove

We didn't get to do all the things that I had listed, like, go their botanical gardens or the science museum, or their water park but those are things I think I'd want to do with Logan too so for sure we're going back!! Here's a list of places we shopped at and ate at:

Places We Shopped At:
The Savory Pantry -- Cute little food boutique. It definitely was a little pricier but I still bought these:

Bathhouse Soapery and Caldarium -- LOVE this little soap boutique! I got a sliver of "Hog Wash" soap, for free, that they make onsite and also two candles: "Fig & Milk" and "Bathhouse Couture"!! I would've walked out with all the candles! But I refrained.

The Winery of Hot Springs -- We did a free wine sampling here! It was free because we did the Duck Tour and the Wax Museum but the wines they make, again, I would've bought them all because they were delish and they're made in Arkansas and some even onsite! We did buy two, one for me (National Rose Park). The other we customized to ask Mason's godmother to be his godmother! Her flavor was Razorback Red Grape Wine!
Places We Ate:Granny's Kitchen -- It was a cute little diner like restaurant! Service was great and food was equally good!
Back Porch Grill -- We went here for dinner and I wasn't that impressed. Our waitress had no personality and kept asking us every 10 minutes or so if we were okay. I will say this, they took our plates away as we finished with them.  Not worth $90 though.

The Pancake Shop -- Breakfast food only but awesome pancakes! It was formerly called Mason's Pancake Shop. Go there!
Places We Visited:Hotsprings
Fordyce Bathhouses
Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum
Hot Springs Mountain Tower -- We drove up the mountain, we didn't go up the tower, but we did get to watch a DUI get apprehended! Scary to think he was driving up the mountain the wrong way.

Pirates Cove

National Park Duck Tour--Lake Hamilton -- Fun and interesting way to kill an hour and 20 minutes in the heat!

We came home Sunday after visiting the Bathhouse boutique and having breakfast! But we had a good weekend and can't wait to go back! We kept cool even though it was HOT!! Stay cool this week it looks like another hot one! (I just realized how long this post is, forgive me!)


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