May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day ♥

I hope everyone is enjoying their mother's day! I know I haven't been keeping up with my pics a day but I'll post them here now, however, before I do I just want to congratulate two friends who had their babies on Friday and Saturday! My friend Kelly and her husband, Dave, had their baby girl, Mo11y Frances, on Friday! They didn't know what they were having until the big day! She's super cute and I wish I was home in NJ to see them! Saturday my friend, Nicole, who's the proud blog owner of FromOurHouseToYours, and her husband, became proud first time parents to their daughter Luciana Ray! She's super adorable too and her gender was also a surprise! They both get to enjoy their babies today =) xoxo

Okay! Now on to my Pics of a day Nos.5, 6,7 & 8! I decided to let the peanut butter cookies be pic #4 afterall! =)

Pic #5 (Thursday)

"My Baby Bumblebee". That song has been stuck in my head and I just realized that this is a bee towel!

Pic #6 (Friday)

This dog obviously thinks she owns the backyard and all items stored back there! Ha!

Pic #7 (Saturday, thanks to my Mom)

Silly boy banging lids and making a ruckus! Thankfully Mommy was at work..Lucky Grandma, Titi, and Daddy =)

Pic #8 (Sunday)

The reason why I get to celebrate Mother's Day for a 3rd year in a row! Thank you for being everything I ever wanted in a little boy! Can't wait to see how you are as a big brother xo!

I also want to thank my mom and sister for coming out to spend the (weekend) day with me, Chris, and Logan! We had fun, or at least I did, when I was home but I know Logan loved spending time with his Grandma and Titi! 

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