May 10, 2011

126 Days!

Or 22 Weeks along,
or 18 weeks left,
or 4 1/2 months to go

I think say 18 weeks left
doesn't make it sound so far
away like 126 days
or 4 1/2 months!

image via Pinterest--WoolyMammoth

 So far I:
  • Have had only 5 charlie horses too many! My left leg is always sore and I'm always afraid to stretch
  • Have had the WEIRDEST dreams ever! I'll have to post about one, one day, just so you can read how ridiculously weird it was =)
  • Haven't even posted on FB about my impending bundle of joy, so my friends on there don't even know!
  • Picked out a name! Woo!
  • Thought I looked better this time around, until, I see a picture of myself! Tears always follow seeing recent pictures of myself.
  • Take walks to maintain weight, not lose it, but I can't help wanting to push myself some more especially when I see fit girls walking the path...Just need to remember I'm creating life...
  • Discovered a new stretch mark! Just when you thought you couldn't get anymore one more pops out! Again tears followed that discovery!
  • Unpacked Logan's old baby clothes and smiled!
  • Have been feeling this baby move and my stomach even moves if I pay close attention; surreal and cool at the same time!
  • Had two friends deliver--both had girls; My step-sister is next and she is having a girl too! My other friend is due after her! It's the year of baby!
  • Still fit into some of my pre-preggo clothes (don't know if that's a good thing), but summer's arriving here early (thank you 91 degree weather from yesterday) so I've already order some new maternity clothes from Old Navy! Wish they had a dept. in the store down here!
  • Have decided not to sterilize myself but go on a 5 year birth control because I still hold on to hope that I may just get a girl...In 5 years!
  • Need to get the nursery colors picked out and I'm so over blue, so please, help with suggestions! =)
  • Feel like I'm slighting Logan with a new baby coming and in turn have overindulged in him, hence why his binky is still around.
  • Hope that the summer goes by really fast because I hear pregnancy and summertime heat don't mesh well!
  • Can't wait to meet MTP in September.


Liz said...

It sounds like things are going great for you! Yay!

Oh Girl, I had Isabella in July and believe me when I tell you I WAS READY!!! The heat and the humidity and swelling just about did me in! But what can you do?

I just cooled off with ice cream and shakes and nice cold iced teas.

Just kidding,... well, kind of! ;)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Both my kiddos are August babies... Summer pregnancy in Memphis= no so great! lolol

Krystle said...

Liz: I think cold iced teas and ice cream are my plans for a summer pregnancy survival! Haha!

Terri: LOL! I kinda figured and you poor girl!! August must've been so dreadful =( Makes you grateful for AC and ice! Haha

MrsB said...

what if you do the nursery in shades of grey? still "boy" but not "blue". you could always pair it with a navy or orange? google and see what you come up with. :)

Krystle said...

I was thinking gray but the room is kind of small so I didn't know if it would make it feel smaller...I will google it though


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