February 26, 2010

Oh The Whether Outside is Frightful!

Yes, once again, the Northeast is being slammed with another "blizzard" and plainly put it's screwing up my weekend...Well the weekend won't be so bad because by tomorrow we should have sunny skies but it's screwing up my Friday. Chris and I are supposed to be flying to Memphis tonight to search for a new place to call a home for when we relocate. We're set up with a realtor and everything right now but low and behold the snow may threaten to cancel any and all plans for a weekend trip. Yes I've been checking the airline and they still say "on time" yet the airport only gives you information 6 hours in advanced so I'm waiting. 

In the meantime I still need to decide if it's worth continuing to pack for Logan's weekend because, unfortunately, in order to get stuff done, we need to leave him here in New Jersey.  He'll be staying with his grandparents and then aunt and uncle.  But, again, is it worth it?  I also have to decide how we'll be getting up to the airport. Intially (and still) my future SIL (no not engaged yet) was going to drive us up there. But I just drove the parkway and it was completely not safe and not plowed. Soooo to keep her safe I'm debating whether we should find an alternate way to get up there! 

The one good thing is that Chris is home! Yay. So I really should be saying that WE are debating because since he's home he should at least help out with the details, right?   I would really rather climb into bed and go back to sleep. Let me tell ya how tempted I really am, especially, when I'm on my bed writing this post! LOL. 

February 24, 2010

Engagment soon, Possibly?! AHHH!

Today is a dreary day, Logan has been sleeping unusually long and I really should be getting everything ready because well I need to leave for work soon but I need to post this somewhere.  Chris left his phone home yesterday in his haste to leave for work. He told me his cousin would be coming over to pick up his fire pager.  So ok no biggie! The phone rings an hour or so after that and I didn't answer it but did call Chris at work to tell him to call it in the event that it was his cousin. They left a voice mail but I didn't check it, even though, Chris asked me if I did. So I got a little curious and decided I would check the vm and if it was his cousin I would just tell him to come over. Well I listened! It was NOT his cousin, but a jewelery store!!!!!!  I quickly hung up with my chest pounding! I couldn't believe it! He really did it! Now I just have to wait, patiently, careful not to talk about it. We're supposed to be going to Memphis this weekend so I wonder...Who knows! But I'm EXCITED!!!

February 22, 2010

Weekend Highlights

So my weekend was supposed to be eventful and turned out to not be so eventful but no biggie! It was better that way. Saturday I scrapped with my future step-MIL and Cousin In Law =) and then went out to Downtown in Red Bank with a couple of friends.

Sunday was supposed to be laden with visits and dinners and instead we ended up having dinner cancelled but Chris' mom and her husband came to visit and see Logan and then Chris' friend, Josh, who he hasn't seen in years, came by to visit and meet me and Logan =) It was nice to see Chris with one of his "besties". For dinner, instead, we had hamburger helper. Logan had Pasta Stars and boy oh boy did he make a mess!!!

Later that evening we took a trip to Target!! I love Target. I was going there to get March's issue of Real Simple (yes, I know, I should take out a subscription). While we were there we bought Logan the Laurie Berkner CD. He loves her on NickJr and most of the songs on TV are on the CD!
I also bought, which was THE highlight of my ENTIRE weekend, and yes it's SAD, a flatware organizer!!!! It was much needed as you will soon see!
The before (on the left) and the after (on the right).

Our place has a very small kitchen with few cabinets and just one itty bitty drawer...One that's not made for utensils, so we improvised using the plastic lasagna storage thing as our flatware holder. Yeah it was a sight for sore eyes! So, hence, after a year or so we FINALLY bought an actual flatware organizer and today I feel much better!

My other highlight of the weekend was getting my Children's Place PerksCard in the mail! When I asked about it the store told me that people were randomly selected to receive them, it wasn't something you could sign up for. Albeit my disappointment I continued to shop there for Logan's clothes and I finally received one! Woo!!!

February 21, 2010

Scrapbook Saturdays

It's been a few days since I lasted posted something and partly because I've been upset about my impending move to Memphis. I'll try better next time ;-). 

Yesterday I went and scrapbooked to attempt to destress and it sort of worked. I got 2 pages done Yay!

These pages weren't so hard and they're still missing elements.  I'm going to try and find nautical buttons and put them on the end of the brown striped strips.  Anywho both pages were made using Martha Stewart's School Days Multimedia Pack 12 x 12 Paper (Boys). The letters were done on the Cricut (which I would like to own once I'm down in TN) using the Printing 101 cartridge. I would've liked to have done more but this is all time and Logan would allow for.  Enjoy!

February 15, 2010

Paper {{Love}}

I love scrapbooking and I'm pretty OCD with how I do it. I've done layout of the months and bought packs to complete photos and that's pretty much how I scrap.  I find paper I love and then find the photos to go with them. I used to us Creative Memories until my consultant stopped being one. When Chris introduced me to his step-mom my scrapbooking skills soared! No longer did I just cut pics and put them in a book with stickers. I now can use embellishments, stamps, stickers, the Cricket (which I'm gonna need when I move to Memphis), sticker makers, brads (I used to think it was just a name). I love everything about it! It is an expensive hobby though! Who cares right! These pictures I'll look back on and the story will be written down.

Sooooo I bought more stuff, LOL. Yup my order is going to be put in in April Woo. Just in time for me to use it out in TN.  So here's what I ordered:

"Caboodle" because it's so summery and boyish! I'll probably use this for Logan summer pics!
(Image courtesy of CTMH)

"Emporium" -- I'm using this pack for Logan's baptism pics.
(Image courtesy of CTMH)

I also ordered page protectors, flip flaps, photo storage protectors, and stickers that go along with the packs! I cannot wait to get them!!! 

Sundays are...

...for resting and getting over hangovers...Woo! We, or rather I, haven't been out that late in soooo long...Saturday night we went out for dinner with Chris' cousin and his wife and then out drinking and having a good time.  Oh boy, thank God for Motrin before bed because I really do believe my headache would've been 20x worse without them! 
Anyways, Sundays are great days for holidays like Valentine's Day. You get to celebrate before and hang out and relax the day of.  I must say this was probably one of the BEST Valentine's ever (and that's not because I love chocolate's and flowers). We got to spend time together, alone, with our baby, and then with family.

Anyways I got Chris Legos, because, yes I know he's a grown adult, but he loves them and I like making him happy and watching him try to put it together fast and whatnot.  He truly is a kid at heart. 

For Valentine's Day I got roses (yay), Uggs and 2 charms from Pandora.

Although I love that my boy bought me presents my favorite "gifts" were the cards he gave. 

I thought it was a funny card! My favorite is the next one.

He ripped off the picture "of the two people he didn't know" (those were his own words) and inserted a picture of us instead!! SWEETT..On the inside he wrote words that made me all warm and fuzzy inside, words of reassurance.  I love him and I'm so glad he is (was) my Valentine! We ended the night on the couch watching a movie and trying to take pics with Chris' eyes opened! It was pretty funny!
On another note I FINALLY got my hair cut!!! Here's what it looks like (sorry about the photo, I just woke up and was like crap I forgot to take a pic of it!)

So much easier to manage!!!

February 13, 2010

Early Valentine's Day Present =)

In gearing up for Valentine's Day I wore heart scrubs to work, went out and got Chris' Valentine present/cards, and a little something for Logan's first Valentine's Day. I came home tonight to a baby who only wanted Mommy, a boyfriend who was exiting the house to pick up dinner as I was walking in and my friends, who watched Logan while we were working, who were sitting around the TV watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 winter Olympics and waiting for said dinner. 

CHAOS!! Logan was cranky because he was tired, we were all hungry and, sorry Canada, the ceremony was nothing compared to the last opening ceremony =(  When the friends left and the baby asleep my dear boyfriend, who needs to become a fiance soon, presented me with these:

Beautiful dozen red roses! Happy early Valentine's Day to me!! Tomorrow is a haircut! Woo!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone ♥

February 11, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

So here in the northeast we experienced what forecasters dubbed the Blizzard of 2010! Unfortunately the stomach flu going around the dr. office I work for got the best of me and I was unable to enjoy the snowy flakes coming down. I was, however, able to snap some shots this morning when I woke up! I'm feeling wayyy better than I did yesterday but I'm not 100% and my poor Logan now has some form of the bug! My poor baby has been sick soo much this month, I hope this is the end!
I love this picture! I saw it last night and couldn't wait to take it!

This was another tree that looked so pretty covered with snow.
A tree on the side of our house. So pretty!!

The HUGE mound that was obviously put there!

Sorry about the blurriness! Covered snow cars!

The ugly bush is now a bush no more! It got damaged by the snow.  Maybe now they'll take it down =)

These weren't taken during the storm but it's hard for me to get a pic of Logan, smiling and still! So here's one!

A mommy and me picture! He's smiling behind the binky...

My new favorite thing Logan does is "dance".  If a song comes on the TV or radio, or wherever, and he LIKES it, he'll shake his entire body side to side, or if I say "Are you dancing?" he'll shake! He's so sweet! Now I have to go and disinfect my house and clean the sheets. Let's hope Chris doesn't get it!

February 07, 2010

Sundays are...

....definitely not a work day! Even though it was only 5 hours it was 5 hours too long! I would have rather have slept through 7 AM instead of being up at 7 AM! Yeah last Sunday was way better.  Super bowl was awesome (I didn't watch it).  I loved that New Orleans won though!! Woo for the Saints. I wasn't happy about having Chris break the news about Memphis to everyone. Yeah that's right...Memphis. The city that is supposed to be an opportunity for us even though it's the biggest unknown yet and we're not even engaged! I cried. I'm not sure I want to go. I have nothing or anyone out there. My mom's 4 hours away so that's a plus. Still I won't have someone knocking on my windows at all kinds of inopportune times. Crap. I'm a Jersey Girl. How the hell do you pump gas? Coach outlet is in Nashville which is 3 hours AWAY. Yes I already looked for the Coach outlet...lol. I'm not shallow, I just love my Coach! =) I'm sad. Chris is worried about money, in fact, I feel that's all I ever hear out of his mouth. It's becoming a nuisance actually. 

I'm trying to feel a little better by using this blog as an outlet because Chris and I are almost on our 3rd full blowout over the subject. I don't feel like using this blog though as a place to whine so I'm going to post some pretty stuff in purple..Yeah I don't like purple but Real Simple had some cute inspiration for the color.

Niche Modern Solitare pendant, $425 (http://www.ylighting.com/)

LSA violet vase (http://www.conranusa.com/)

I love these glass knobs from Anthro!

sweater from Anthro

I love sandals and flip-flops. These are from Gap.
 and to end I'm posting up these Hydrangeas (mmm smell good and remind us of spring)

February 06, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

We got lots and lots of snow last night and today =) It was fun to be in until I fell! Yes it isn't a snow storm if I'm not falling!  Anyways I'm just posting pictures of todays snowy day. Logan couldn't go out and play because he's still getting better which made me a little sad because he can walk better now and he'd probably enjoy it! Such is life though, so here are some wintry pictures from the North East =)

Chris cleaning off the cars

The tree in front of our building...See the branch just hanging down bc of all the snow.

Covered bushes

He was still cleaning off the cars...This picture wasn't even meant to be taken with him looking Lol.

Snowflakes on the car...They looked like spores almost.

Snow love ♥

Snapshot of Jan/Feb 2010

I follow a lot of blogs especially ones that deal with moms and decorating because I'm a mom myself and when we move I really hope to be able to decorate the rooms to my new place in fun but practical and comfortable.  One of the blogs I read got this idea to do a snapshot of life up to now, sorta! It's more a reflection so I'm gonna try it on this snowy day! I wanted to post about our snowstorm but I haven't gone out there yet!

2010 Snapshot:
  • Logan is our only child, he's sweet and lovable but comes with a temper!
  • I love to watch our baby snuggle his blankie
  • Chris and I have been together 1 1/2 years
  • The boy is walking everywhere!!!
  • Logan loves Moose A. Moose and Zee (NickJr)
  • Chris got his promotion!
  • I still play video games
  • Saturdays are my favorite lazy day but Sundays are always my favorite family day and my favorite day in general
  • Logan says "Ma-Ma" more than "Da-Da"
  • The b/f and I are still not engaged (ha)
  • My job is actually fun, even though, we still get wacky people
  • I recently hoped that I was having #2 but kind of relieved when that didn't happen
  • I have every song memorized on Nick Jr.; Chris has memorized the Wonder Pets song!
  • My favorite piece of jewelery is my Pandora bracelet that's still at Chris' cousins house!
  • I still check on Logan like 5-6 times a night before I go to bed.
  • I give my baby kisses like it's going out of style
  • I love to read books to Logan even though he's always grabbing at them!
  • I love my family always =)

February 04, 2010


Real Simple is my all time favorite magazine...It's got a little bit of everything from how to save money, to how to decorate, to food, etc.  I love it so much I even pay the cover price for it!  I really do need a subscription.  So recently I've seen their last 3 issues do a whole How to Decorate With (insert color here).  December they did brown, January was purple and February is (SURPRISE) red.  So here's some stuff that I like in red!

($49.99; http://www.target.com/)

($198; http://www.coach.com/)

Because I love this trellis type print =)
($69.95; http://www.crateandbarrel.com/)

Glass Amaryllis
($3.95/ea; http://www.crateandbarrel.com/)

and last but not least:
LOVE LOVE LOVE roses!! For ANY occassion...All I would really like to do right now is go back to bed!! =) ♥


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