May 25, 2011

Oh Nursery, Oh Nursery...

This is the bedding I'm going to use for the new baby's nursery. Since we're reusing all of Logan's nursery furniture I don't feel so bad buying new bedding, plus, Logan really did a number on his.

My dilemma lies in decorating around this! I love that it  has different colors, doesn't have a theme so you can add elements to the room that will still go with the bedding, and I can change the crib sheet without being reduced to just one color. However, I don't want a white nursery, especially when the furniture is white...So I'm thinking of using colors like these:

From Glidden's line: GLG19 Mint Shake, GLB15 Clear Blue Sky, & GLB25 Rich Navy

From Martha Stewart Living's line: MSL154 Cloudless Day & MSL105 Bay Leaf (I actually have another blue and green from her line too but I couldn't find them)

From Behr's line: 520E-1 Coastal Mist with a green like S-H-430 Mossy Green
*Coastal Mist is a tried and true blue that we love because we used it in Logan's nursery*

I've been using Pinterest to get ideas on how to decorate this room and I just can't find anything. I'm not sold on anything just yet but here are some of the rooms I've seen and have leaned towards...

Painting above the chair rail a lighter blue and doing stripes underneath in a darker blue and green.

Doing stripes like this with this color scheme or doing a blue and white stripe is also a possiblity

Or obviously doing the top in a blue and doing bead board from the middle down in white, which is a little more simplistic but also a safer route.

This is also something I'm thinking of adding to the baby's room but instead of using inspirational words doing his first and middle names. Chris suggested doing his whole name but I'm not sure about that yet. 

Other elements would probably be nautical or beach related only because I L.O.V.E. the beach and I totally miss it! I want my kids to love it too. So what do you think? I mostly posted this to put my thoughts together and have it in written format in my face instead of in my head but if you have suggestions please tell! I'm willing to hear it all. Logan's room is also going to get redone and I'm a little against it because it's totally a theme but he loves Toy Story and if it'll make him happy I'm going for it! More on that later!

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