May 23, 2011

Hello, Monday.

It's Monday, it's cloudy, and apparently going to be a little humid with a dash of hot. Now normally this wouldn't bother me but seeing how my body is already swelling, thanks to this lovely pregnancy and seeing how my self-esteem is plummeting after each day, I'm not looking forward to it!

This weekend we tackled some projects, like....
  • Tackling this monstrosity of a pantry...It's definitely more organized but I still don't like it and I forgot to take a picture after I was done.....
  • Building a "work station" and then continuing with my repurposing of Logan's dresser
  • Painting the inside of the closet in the guest room which is going to be the newest addition's nursery. I want a closet system so that we can eliminate the need for a dresser and make the room feel bigger.
I'm having a hard time coming up with a completely non-themed nursery. I know I want nautical or beach elements in it but as far as color I'm at a loss and it's driving me bananas! I was thinking light blue with green but that's what I did the bathroom in (which I'll post about soon).

And before I forget here are my pics a day for last week:
Pic# 19 (Thursday)
A little's boy best friend. He loves his Missy.

Pic# 20 (Friday)
My favorite deputy (or cowboy)!
Pic# 21 (Saturday)

Chris' first attempt at ribs on the grill...They were amazing! He did awesome for a first try and we paired it up with some grilled corn and some potato salad! A great summer dinner =)

Pic# 22 (Sunday)
A peek at a first tomato. So excited that they're doing well out there! This little tomato is growing off a plant that Logan picked up without a tag and we planted it not knowing what it was going to be!
Hope everyone has a great Monday and please keep Joplin, MO in your thoughts and prayers, as they are suffering with devastation and loss from yesterday's tornado.

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