October 31, 2010

Cowardly Lion!

Happy Halloween!!

Someone was completely unhappy about his costume! I had no idea how trick or treat went around here in TN, so we didn't go out, but I had a little candy hunt for him at home. It was lame but he liked putting candy in his bucket so an Easter egg hunt should go without a hitch. Hopefully by next year I'll get on the Halloween bandwagon and know all the details. I was really sad we didn't trick or treat. There's always next year!

Tomorrow I'll be taking down Halloween decorations, leaving Fall decor up and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Chris' step mom and I talked to today and she said she was going to get his dad tickets to Miami or somewhere else but he said he would much rather see his grandson! So cute! So, hopefully, we'll be getting a visit from them too!

October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Fun Pt. 2

Note: I broke up the last post and this one because it was getting picture laden and long!

Last night, I decided we were going to carve our pumpkin. Last year we just painted ours, even though I had every intention of carving! I had looked for stencils and everything but figured to try it freehand and at first it looked "redonkulus" so I just went with the traditional triangles for the eyes and nose. Then I realized my pumpkin was going to look like it had green eyes (I used a green marker) because I drew the triangle over my redonkulus eyes!! Mr. Clean's erasers came in and saved the day there!! Ha!

Chris cleaning out the inside of our pumpkin.

Which was disappointingly not full of pumpkin seeds!
My first eye cutout!! Ha!
Logan with the finished results...
He climbed up on the table and threw everything into the pumpkin!
The pumpkins and the rest of the Halloween decorations:

Pumpkin Fun Pt. 1

We had some pumpkin fun this week!! First we let Logan paint his pumpkin. Oh my, this little boy, who couldn't bear to touch paint this past summer, was all up in the paint this time around!!! But he had some serious fun and we had fun taking pics and video recording it all!
It was all serious work at first!
 A little Picasso on our hands!!
 I think Logan is trying out for the Blue Man Group!
My favorite pic of the whole night!!

He did get a bath and thank goodness for washable paint...None of this stuck onto any surface!!

October 17, 2010

Layout Sunday!

I've got a scrapbooking bug right now! Here are the seven layouts I whipped up this week:

"Easter Fun"
Materials: My Mind's Eye-"Unique" Delightful Collection, "So Handsome"
Brilliant collection, "Sugar & Spice" Dazzling collection
Materials- My Mind's Eye- Lost & Found "Happily Ever After"
Madison Avenue collection; Paper flower- Bazzill Basics
Paper in French Vanilla; Glitter Brad by American Crafts
Materials- Bazzill in "Berryliscious"; Basic Grey-The Olivia Collection "Marissa" &
"Candice"; Layout Credit: CTMH Magic by Jeanette Lynton "Secret"
Scrapbook Class at Eclectica Scrapbook & Stamps with Liz
"Best Buds"
Materials- My Mind's Eye "Checkered Out" Ooh La La collection, So Sophie
 "Sweet Chic" Graceful collection; Journaling Card- My Mind's Eye
"Sweet Chic" Graceful collection; Ink- Bazzinks in Gold
"Fall is in the Air"
Scrapbook class at Eclectica's Scrapbook and Stamps with Liz & Chelsea
Materials- CTMH "Splendor"; Stickers- CTMH "Splendor"; Ink- Color Box Chalk Ink in
"Chestnut Roan"; Glitter Brad by American Crafts;
Layout Credit: CTMH Magic by Jeanette Lynton "Crystal Ball"

I love each and every one that I did! I absolutely love the picture of Chris with his two closest friends! The most tedious layout I did was the "Sisters" one. That included alot of tracing & cutting but it turned out really well, not perfect, but really well! I was happy with the outcome! I really need to invest in an easel, as you can see, I used my laptop and my couch as easels! Ha! I also hope Santa pulls through and gets me a Cricket or a Silhouette because all of these pages need titles!! 

October 15, 2010

19 Months.

Time definitely flies when you're growing up! I can't believe my baby boy is already 19 months, more than half way to two!

I apologize for the dark picture. My good camera is missing it's charger and my back up camera was misbehaving and this was the ONLY picture where Logan looked at me and smiled, while standing still!

19 Months:
  • You imitate noises and are very good at roaring, quacking, and most recently mooing!
  • You've started to try and talk, bye-bye, being a word you've become good at. Jump & cup are two others that you've belted out!
  • Spaghetti, pasta of any kind, and mac n cheese are your food friends!!
  • You've produced a total of 9 (almost 10) teeth!
  • You "wash" your hands and "wash" your hair! It's the cutest thing EVER!
  • You are terrified of any toy that walks or move at the push of a button!
  • You have discovered a new love for M&Ms that's so fierce we have to hide the bowl on you!
That's pretty much all of your new stuff, add that to your old bag of tricks, and you keep us all busy and on our toes! We love you so much, Logan ♥

October 14, 2010

Hello, Goodbye!

Today I had to say good bye to my last official piece of New Jersey state, my driver's license, and I said hello to my first official piece of Tennesse state!

I have to say, no matter where you go, how you dress, or style your hair, those pictures never, EVER, look good! I looked constipated or mad depending on how you interpret it, but I did smile, I promise! I thought the guy was done so I stopped smiling and then he took the picture! Thanks dude.

October 13, 2010

Pumpkin L♥ove

Chris and I took Logan to pick out pumpkins at a local farm here in TN! On a recommendation from Liz, I swanted to go to Cedar Hill Farms, in Hernando, MS,  but since I work on the weekends, it's been really hard doing any family activities during the weekend and so we had to do this during the week. I almost put the kabash on the whole deal when the day turned out to be in the 90s! Seriously.  But for fear that the rest of the month would be that way we moved forward and went to pick our pumpkins (it's definitely my FAVORITE fall thing to do!)

It definitely was very different from something that I'm used too! The pumpkin "patch" was in the back yard of someone's home. Very differnt but we proceeded. They had a very cute setup with a play area for kids and Christmas trees already growing in the background! They had some cute photo ops too, so, of course, I took the opportunity!
An old barn on the property

My attempt at taking still life pictures on my digital camera.

An old Ford tractor!

Me & my baby boy♥
I completely forgot to take a pic of our pumpkins but I hope to be carving them next week! So stay tuned for some pumpkin carving fun! My schedule freed up a little bit today for work this weekend so we might just head on down to Hernando and check out Cedar Hill Farms!

October 12, 2010


Lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! Well we don't have any of those going on in our house! We do have Logan though and he's learned how to ROAR (or rawwwrr)! Ha! Everything roars too! Mommy, Daddy, ducks, dogs. You ask him and he'll roar!! He's also been saying Daddy really clearly too! Are we seeing signs of talking?! I hope so!

October 08, 2010

Happy Friday!

I needed a pick me up.
What better way to do that than with
Anne Geddes prints?
I love her prints!
Makes me want another!

Happy Friday!!

October 06, 2010


My agenda today was only to switch around Logan's clothes from summer to fall. Yet, we have had a toy invasion problem since last Christmas and I anticipate more toys this Christmas so Chris and I got to it. We were cleaning up and getting rid of toys. Surprisingly, getting rid of his toys that he's too old to play with now kinda made me sad and I ended up second guessing this entire clean up of toys. I wanted to hold on to each and every single toy. I wanted to hold on to his babyhood instead of his toddlerhood. But I can't and I know that and so I got rid of the toys that he no longer plays with or is to old for and returned some order to our home. The summer clothes also made their way into a bin for next year and there are a ton of empty hangers!! A trip to the outlets is definitely necessary! Ha!!

Last Saturday we took Logan for his 18 month pictures and he was absolutely horrible!! He didn't want to sit or smile or anything and to make matters worse he's still in his teething phase! We did get some cute pics.

October 04, 2010

26 Days!

That's how long until it's Halloween!
Can you tell I'm excited!?
I already changed my layout!!
Bear with me you'll probably see a Holiday every month until April!
image via

I mean who can resist candy, Halloween cupcakes, decorations, cute kids in costumes, myths & stories, and Charlie Brown!?
Definitely not I!

Finishing my Halloween decorations is definitely on my agenda tomorrow.
Tonight, however, I'm enjoying sitting by my fireplace and catching up on my DVR!
It's definitely a beautiful Fall night to enjoy!

October 01, 2010


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is so prevalent that everybody knows of someone who's had it. My grandma had it and a woman (Shirley) I worked with back home had it.
Fortunately, both of them caught it at a very early stage!
I've never done a walk for breast cancer and I would like to. Hopefully this year I'll be able to. I do wear pink though! I wear pink for my Grandma & for Shirley! Who do you wear pink for?
Me with Mama
Me, Shirley, and Mel


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