April 30, 2011

Oh, bother!

 Today I was given the rare pleasure of having off from work! Woo! Chris wanted to go strawberry picking and I thought we were going locally except we weren't. He wanted to head over to Cedar Hills Farm and so we packed up for a mini day trip and left, howeverrr, when we got there there was NOTHING going on except a birthday party. It was looking kinda empty so Chris went up to ask somebody what was going on and he was told that they had taken the strawberries over to their local farmer's market and sold out!! The guy there gave Chris some tips and so we decided to head on back home. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time!

On our way to the farm I saw an ice cream shop, not a chain shop, but a privately owned one! I definitely wanted to stop there so on our way back we stopped at Velvet Cream, a.k.a The Dip! OMG! Delish and I don't think I'm saying this because I'm pregnant but I have been nostalgic for some good soft serve ice cream, so I could totally be biased =)

Anyway I had a mix (chocolate/vanilla ice cream) with sprinkles in a waffle cone, Chris had a Reese's Pieces concrete (the equivalent to a Blizzard) and we got Logan a mix in a cup! Amazing! Made me miss local places like Strollo's Italian Ice (which serves ice cream as well) from back at home.

Logan loved it too!
Yes, I'm a brave soul for letting my son eat chocolate ice cream in my car!
I only wished I took a picture of what his white shirt looked like when we got home.

Oh P.S. I'm joining Liz with her picture a day in May!! It's starts tomorrow! Go here to read and see her past posts on a pic a day in May and grab her button (which is below) if you decide to join in on the fun =)

April 27, 2011

It's A.........

Without further ado

It's a

And here's a profile of our baby in utero!

Approx. weight: 11 ounces at 19wks & 6days

We're thrilled to be having another boy even though I secretly wished hard that it would be a girl! I was really looking forward to bows, headbands, dresses, tights, smocks and all things girly! C'est la vie! I've already started looking at boy nursery stuff, new baby stuff to try, and I'm super excited about pulling out all of Logan's old outfits!

We also have to figure out a name! Because of my secret wishes for a girl, I'd only thought of a girl's name, but now I have to find and love a name for a boy! So far Mason is the only name I like and I think Chris is slowly starting to like it too.  So he could be a Mason Thomas (Thomas after his grandfather & uncle) or a Mason William (Williams after his godfather). Or he could be something different altogether! We still have 20 weeks to decide and honestly I'm already itching to get him here!

April 25, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Happy Belated Easter everyone!! Hope everyone enjoyed the day with family, friends, and good food! This year was pretty low key and it felt good and weird at the same time! Good to just relax and weird because it was just the 3 of us.

Last night after Logan went to bed, Chris and I watched "The King's Speech".
I really did love this movie. I loved that the King had such doubts about himself because of his speech impediment and because of it all, ultimately, made a friend in the end. Now I wasn't sure if this movie was inspired by true events but it actually is. I didn't watch this movie because of the impending royal wedding, coincidence, that I chose this week to watch it, but if you like royalty, history, or LOVE Colin Firth (like I do) I think you'll like this movie too!

Speaking of movies, I want to see Water for Elephants, badly!! Which means I may need to find a reliable babysitter around these parts and read the book! Which I'm currently doing and so far so good =)

On a completely different note, tomorrow marks my halfway mark through pregnancy! Woo for 20 weeks! When we found out that someone else would be joining our family I had a lot of thoughts about what I wanted in the future and after. I was determined not to find out what the gender of the baby is but I have no will power for that! Ha! So I'll be finding out what this little bundle of baby is! I'm itching to pull stuff out and/or buy new things!! I think I get a comprehensive ultrasound around this time too! So excited to see what everything's looking like. It's been a little weird not having an ultrasound every week, like I did with Logan, so maybe that's why I'm a little more anxious and excited!

Sorry for all the randomness, haha, I promise next time to make it a 10 on Tuesday or at least warn you ahead of time! ♥ Have a great week!

April 20, 2011

9 to 2!

We had a great time with family these past 4 days! There was tons of laughing, tons of screaming, tons of pictures taken, tons of fun, but as always, good things usually come to an end! We've gone from a group of 9 to the usual two (me and Logan)! Chris had to go back to work today too. Saying good bye was pretty hard for me, especially, and I don't know if it's because I don't like saying good bye or if it's also now combined with my hormones (I think both).

I know I should probably do something productive today but I think I'll wait for another day. Laundry can always be done another day and I think relaxation is just what my hormonal self needs! I need a down day, one for a shower, possible walk, and a moment to either read books, magazines, or blogs, or all three and try to feel the baby move again (which I've been feeling since Friday!). 

These things are making me feel a little better:

all images via pinterest


April 11, 2011

So Excited!

August 2010
I'm so excited to see these little faces again and their parents too!
Five more days until they get here but we've been long preparing for their visit!
I love watching Logan interact with his cousins.
I know they're excited too!

April 05, 2011

Tidbit Cards.

This year we didn't have a big birthday party for Logan but still some people sent Logan birthday gifts and others didn't. I usually include his birthday pictures with a thank you, however, since not everyone sent gifts (which is fine) I decided to make tidbit cards updating on everyone what Logan's been up to lately to send along with his picture. Then on the back of the tidbit cards I wrote a personal thank you to each person who did send Logan something.

Materials: Light blue Bazzill cardstock cut to a 5 x7 size,
Party Hearty "Candy Buttons" cut to a size 4 x 6, and the
white cardstock I tried to cut down to a 3.5 x 5 but it didn't
work out so I cut it to fit within the mat;
Ink: Chalk Box in Lagoon Blue; Yellow ribbon.

The tidbit card design was inspired by my high school friend and fellow blogger, Nicole, at FromOurPlaceToYours, who made her own baby shower invites. They were so cute and the idea was stuck in my head forever! You can view her invites here! Now I just have to find envelopes and send them out this week.
My little man playing with his Woody figure and a random block while Mommy was crafting!

April 04, 2011

The Backyardigans!

That's what Chris and I were this Saturday, since I didn't have to work and it was GORGEOUS out!  No, we didn't play pretend or pretend that we were on an imaginary island either, although, I'm sure that would've been more fun =P  Anyways, I decided that since we'd be spending alot more time in the backyard and that's probably where the kids would be when they visited that cleaning up the backyard was more pertinent than the front...I really don't know what's blooming in my front yard either so I wanted to give it a chance and then maybe make some changes (which I already have planned but one project at a time!).


There are rose bushes up against the fence.

The bushes on the side of the house and the random bush in the middle of the fence.

Those bushes over on the right.

Look at all those darn and daunting leaves!!

Gone are the bushes. We kept the tree because we believe it's a cypress and here in the south they get cut down to the limbs...So we're experimenting with the backyard one and left the front ones alone...

We got rid of the bush and the rose bushes. I would've kept them but they were overgrown and with Logan going outside all the time it probably isn't a good idea...Plus my dog is always chewing on them, seriously, that has to hurt!

We left the holly tree and the bush because they were on the ends, I got rid of a rose bush and it looks like there are azalea bushes that haven't been able to grow. We kept those but they're sorry looking so they might go too.

Chris cleaning up the leaves I raked the day before. One proud homeowner!

Here's the shed all clean. We found some vinyl siding (which is weird because our house doesn't have vinyl siding) and we found pieces of the shed's roof in the buried wet leaves!

The walk way all cleaned up...I think we need some grass!

The walk way on the other side of the house. It has grass but it's really sad looking too! The dirt here is more clay than dirt so we'll be researching how to grow grass or we'll be investing in a landscaper!

Here's my little man trying to help out. He loved being outside with us!
Bonus Pic: Baby bump pic of my own!! 16 Weeks and counting!

Today it's a rainy mess so I'll be working on the bathroom! We went out and bought new bathroom hardware and I've already found a shower curtain that I think will look great, it's just on back order! I'll post an update about that later!


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