May 03, 2011

What Have I Started...

Pic A Day #3

I decided today, since the sun came out, to take apart a dresser in Logan's
room that didn't match with the rest of his furniture.
I was really determined and felt good about doing it!
Three drawers in and I'm on Blogger procrastinating! Ha!
It's taken me oh, about, three hours to get through 3 drawers.
I should just concede to the fact that I'm not a DIY extraordinaire,
at least when it comes to repurposing furniture ;-)


MrsB said...

what are you doing to it? refinishing it??

Krystle said...

Yeah, trying to at least. The dresser is from an old set Chris and it was oak. So I wanted to paint and add knobs to it and make it more kiddie instead of manly. I'm finding that I'm not a fan of sanding at.all! Ha!


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