November 30, 2011

O Christmas Tree

She's up and she traveled far to get here!
We got her when we back to NJ
(there was a picture of it on our car in NJ, I just can't find it)
and brought her on home to TN!!

She's so purdy!!

And my cutie pie standing in front of "his Christmas tree"

And no post can be complete without a picture of both my babies, in hats...Logan had a hat and he said Mason needed one too! We'll be decorating the tree later on today, it's been slow getting everything up, but it's because we didn't have any functioning lights and everyone knows the lights go up first!! I'll post some finished pics later! 

November 28, 2011

Totally in Love

Yes, I've broken up with Mr. PC and found the new love of my computer loving life, Mr. MacBook! We met in Delaware on our way back home from NJ. We've only been together for a mere two days but I think it's really an ever after lasting love affair =)

Thanksgiving was eh! It totally could've been better. Next year I'm staying home. Let's see between Logan being super sick with croup/bronchitis, Mason getting sick with bronchiolitis, Chris' family drama that is spiraling way out of control (enough to bring me to tears), my family drama (apparently my grandmother figured it was kosher to ignore phone calls on Turkey Day, also bringing me to tears), and people being upset/mad at me/us for not being able to see them while we were home I couldn't wait to take the 15 hour trip and bring my butt back to TN. But even still we made some great memories. Logan got to play with his cousins, Mason got to meet some of his family, and we got to hang out with family/friends who kept the drama to a minimum! Also me and Chris' cousin did some damage Black Friday shopping! I'm afraid to see my credit card statement when it comes in! EEK!

Mason's 1st Turkey Day outfit!

My favorite part: his turkey butt!

Aunt Sally's famous cheesy onions!

A Thanksgiving photo with my love, who really could've done a better job smiling!

Another good thing to come from taking a trip back to NJ was picking out my wedding dress! Yes'm I did! I can't wait to get it! But first a show of the first couple of dresses I tried on!
Tea length dress! Simple, strapless, making me look really, really short!

Loving the halter and the princess look but a little over the top for what I was going for!

Keeping with the halter top, I tried this one on! I loved the rouging on the bottom but the beading on the top was heavy and again a little over the top, I thought, for an outside wedding.

And then I fell in love with this halter top, chiffon, cascading ruffles, with a sash and some bling, and the headpiece! I fell hard and bought it! Yes I did and our story was the story of the day at David's Bridal! So cool! =)

See the sash from above is going to be in the color that I'm wearing here. My BFF, Mel, is wearing the dress that she and my sister are going to wear, except in the color wisteria! Mel's daughter and Chris' goddaughter are going to wear this dress with a wisteria headband!

Some big steps taken for the big day that's 6 months away! Next up, signing the contract for the ceremony venue, talking to the dinner people, getting invites, sending them out, talking with a photographer, suits, and maybe finding someone to play a violin outdoors for the ceremony part! Oh yeah and I guess that means I really need to pay attention to not going over any points on WW and maybe even start an exercise routine of some sort! Maybe it'll take me out of the funk I'm in!

November 14, 2011

I Heart Faces!

It's my first challenge entry!
I usually miss them but not this time!
Autumn Splendor
The challenge said the photo didn't need to show a face but needed a person and who better than my little Buzz Lightyear, surrounded by leaves, a mound of mini pumpkins, and the lake!

November 06, 2011

Weigh-In Day!

Today was my first Weight Watchers weigh in! I'm down 1.6 lbs for the first week! AWESOME! I'm actually quite happy with the small, but significant loss. It's definitely a learning experience but I'm motivated by this small loss! I'm doing WW online and today I explored the site and found some challenges and member boards that I'm following to keep myself motivated and sharing my ups and downs. Chris has been eating healthier now that I've been cooking WW recipes and substituting ingredients for healthier ones. Now I just gotta get moving ;-)

November 02, 2011

Coffee, please.

I miss you coffee. Hopefully I can find the replacement carafe soon so we can be reunited.

November 01, 2011


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