September 09, 2012


My 2nd post for 2012 happens in September!! Really don't know how I let it get this far! So this is what happened while I was absent from my poor blog, that is still decked out in christmas!
I went back to school starting in January, which kept me preoccupied, and got straight A's!
Played with these two beautiful boys! 

 Celebrated Logan's 3rd Birthday

Studied for MONTHS for the the nursing school entrance exam, which I'm happy to report, I passed!

Played all the time with these boys!

Painted our kitchen! Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore, if y'all are interested.

Celebrated Chris' birthday!

Married my best friend on June 9, 2012! It was beautiful and fun! Wish I could do it again!

Went canoeing in Arkansas with my new hubs!

Cut my hair! Love it!

Watched one of my besties get married!!
Went to the Outer Banks. Our cousins gifted this trip to us and it was by far the best wedding present ever! And yes, we took our boys!
My grandparents met their great grandkids for the first time.

My nephew, Ephraim, was born.
Logan learned how to pinky promise and was making me pinky promise to everything!
I made some whoopie pies! 

Went to New Orleans to see my grandfather who needed to have a cardioaversion.

Started my 2nd semester.

Got Mason into a big boy car seat! 

Found out that living in Memphis has given me asthma! Thanks TN.

Celebrated one of my besties sons' birthday!

And celebrated my baby boy's first birthday! So bittersweet!
There was a whole lot more that went on and a whole lot more to come!
Hopefully I can keep up! I miss blogging.


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