June 28, 2010

We Can Be Spelunkers For Just One Day

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had an awesome but exhausting weekend starting with an impromtu trip to Kentucky to do some spelunking, or cave exploration! (Chris said the word spelunking a thousand times on Saturday!)  We went to Diamond Caverns Cave in Kentucky and it was interesting and fun to be underground and looking at all nature's own creations. This cave had, supposedly (because I didn't count) over 300 steps and was 1/4 mile each way. There were some pretty deep and steep steps and a bit scary when you're carrying a 25 pound, squirmy toddler!
A stalagtite (it's just a formation that is still stuck to the top)
This was a formation that used to be on the top of the cave but because it was so top heavy it fell and that happened about 3,000 years ago.
I think we should start a JR. Spelunkers Club!
The massiveness of a cave is indescribable and my photos, although memorable, don't do it any justice.
Mommy and her little spelunker =)
Me with the most excited spelunkers of them all!
This was interesting. As we were going up these steep steps to leave the cave the tour guide told us to look down and to our right to see the original entrance to the cave!! It has NO STAIRS and it was scary DEEP that I could only wonder how people survived entering and exiting!

We had such a great time even if we did spend more time driving than anything but it was worth it. It made my sister's weekend (she's staying with us), Chris was super stoked, and Logan thought he had this big underground playground to run around in (supervised, of course). Not only did we get to see these wonderous caverns we also got a little history lesson (which I LOVE). My only wish the whole tour was that our tour guide was a little more experienced. He'd only been working there for 15 days, but, hey, people have to start somewhere! Great time I totally recommend it for anyone.


MrsB said...

how fun!!! i totally need to go 'spelunking' again. so fascinating! :P

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

Sounds AWESOME! Where in KY is this? We used to live in Louisville, KY.

Krystle said...

Nicole: It was fascinating. I thought I would be bored!

Liz: Park City, KY. The trip itself was about 4 hours away!

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

Thanks! We'll have to visit soon. Looks like fun.

OK, regarding the Vesta Home Show, it's off Germantown Pkwy and Neshoba heading towards the city of Germantown. Here's the link to their site so you can get more info and directions: http://www.mahba.com/vesta/?f=vesta

FYI, they're running through July 5th, but closed on the 4th.

Have fun!


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