June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

First and foremost I hope that all the daddy's out there had a wonderful day with their families and I hope that those families who couldn't celebrate with their dads, grandfathers, etc. were able to celebrate in their memory.

We had a very busy Saturday and a very lazy Sunday. It went from one extreme to another but it was soooo worth it. Saturday we were able to get out of the house by 11 AM. We went to the Pink Palace Museum to check out the exhibits. I was surprised not to see more people there, especially since it was 100 degrees out! We checked out the new exhibit that explores the human body and evolution. Very cool is all I have to say!

Logan's hitting the buttons that light up the lobes of the brain!
The ginormous model of the human body that was laid out in the middle of the exhibit!
Style of the 1800s, I believe. I love stuff like this!
Above and below: These were artifacts from Early Memphis. I liked this and the entire history of Memphis because I was able to learn its history and grasp a hold of its culture then and now. I love this stuff too!
More time period styles of architecture and fashion.

After the museum we decided to drive around. Unfortunately we didn't have the GPS and we really shouldn't leave without it. Ha! We went to Bahama Breeze for lunch and OMG this is my new favorite place to eat and drink! The food is tropical and they make a mean strawberry daiquiri!! YUM! After a lunch we enjoyed a siesta and then a dip in the pool! We were DONE at the end of the day!!

Today was a completely different story! We did NOTHING, absolutely NADA, and it was great. I tried to make breakfast for Chris this morning but I was sinking ship and he had to come in and save breakfast. So in appreciation for his saving his own breakfast I made him Funfetti cupcakes and experimented with food dye. Just a side note: I'm totally not a food dye fan! I could totally taste the color and they left me nauseas all day!
The pink cupcakes were supposed to be red!! The other colors were teal and orange! Random? Of course! Pretty? Definitely! Did tropical girly colors stop anyone from eating them? NOPE! We had tacos for dinner and just vegged! Love lazy sundays! Here are some of my favorite pics from today.
(He had eaten an orange cupcake =)
(This boy never opens his eyes)

Hope everyone had a relaxing day today =)


Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

SO glad you guys had such a nice weekend. The Pink Palace is on our to-visit soon list. And I LOVE Bahama Breeze. YUM!

MrsB said...

what a great father's day weekend!


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