June 16, 2010

15 Months

Yesterday Logan turned 15 months old. Honestly, where do these months fly off too? Every month that I blog about my baby being 1 month older I feel as though time is flying fast than the speed of light. I want to keep him small and in my arms forever.  =)

Logan @ 15 months:
  • He's fresh!! He throws tantrums, occassionally bites, and swats at me, his daddy, or anyone else he doesn't want near him. I don't know to how "punish" his behavior age appropriately. I think I'll be reading up on those books that I have often scoffed at (I apologize for that. I wasn't a mother then and when I was about to become one I thought it would be easier, ha!)
  • He's showing an interest in reading books, which I LOVE!
  • He's definitely more vocal about what he wants to eat, play with, etc.
  • He loves puppies & dogs.
  • He FINALLY had his first haircut.
  • He loves to be outside and in the pool.
  • He knows where his belly button and belly are!
  • He won't fall asleep unless he's lying down in his crib or in his stroller..I've never had that fall asleep in his high chair moment, sadly.
  • He's developmentally on schedule according to the doctor!


Liz Butler said...

And he is as cute as can be! It was so nice finally meeting you and having you in class yesterday :)

Krystle said...

Thank you!!! =) I know! I was so happy to finally have met you as well. I had so much fun at the class! Chris noticed a difference in my mood last night. I believed he called me peppy lol! Thank you. =)

Jesse said...

Good for you to be keeping a record of all of his milestone this way. I know how you feel, times goes too fast. =)


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