June 04, 2010

Birthday {Fun}

So Chris' birthday was today and I wanted to make it extra special esp. since it's his first birthday away from his family. All week I asked him what he wanted and every time I got an answer that was frustratingly not an answer. All I got was Devil's Food Cake. So I made him a Devil's Food cake with chocolate icing on the outside, with sprinkles, and firefighter candles!
And on the inside there was vanilla icing! Chris called it a giant Devil Dog.

For dinner I made Chris pork fajitas. They smelled delicious and tasted even more delicious! I've linked the web address for the recipe. Just a note: Instead of 3 tbsp of seasoning I used a whole packet!

These are my favorite pictures from tonight.
Logan's hair is crazy!!
A mini-book I scrapped for Chris. I'll post the whole thing later.
His face is priceless! I love this man!
My chocolate mess baby! I love it!
I succeeded at a small intimate birthday for my love. He had balloons, yummy food, cake, pistachio pudding, and thoughtful gifts! At the end of the day all that matters is that he's happy and I succeeded in doing that!

1 comment:

MrsB said...

like father like son. those last two photos are awesome! haha.


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