July 01, 2010

Fingerpaintin' Fun

Today I went ahead and did a very messy fingerpainting project with my 15 month old toddler! It was SUPER fun and it was funnier watching how my baby DID NOT want to get messy! He wouldn't put his hands palms down on the paint he would only move the paint around with his pointer fingers!! We tried it twice. The first time he was uninterested and a bit cranky so after his nap we went ahead for a second try. It was better than the first try! It was fun and super easy to clean up. It was Crayola's Washable Fingerpaint and when they say washable they absolutely mean it. It came off of every surface that its paint had touched including clothes!! I got the canvas (16x20) at Michaels for $10. Needless to say even though fingerpainting didn't go has I had envisioned it I still got a nice piece of "work" out of it and can't wait to hang it up!!

I wish everyone a safe & happy


Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

Fun! We did the same thing with ours and introduced them to "art" very early, and now they both love it! So funny that he did not want to get messy. I'm wondering if maybe having him spread the paint around with a brush would help. Regardless, it's his first masterpiece!

MrsB said...

so cute!


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