June 06, 2010

Another milestone.

After 14 months and mini clips here and there Logan had is official first haircut today at Sweet and Sassy. Yes, Sweet and Sassy is geared more towards girls but they do baby's first haircuts (boys & girls) so we went with them. He was NOT happy about it at alll! He squirmed, whined, tried to get out of the chair, tried to push the stylist hands away, until I gave him food. I gave him little Gerber cheese puffs and even though it calmed him down by 90% he was still squirming and trying to push her away. Ahhh. In the end, though, we got the results we've been waiting for! We also left with a balloon, lollipop, a certificate, picture, and a little bag with a locket of hair. I think if he wasn't so squirmy I would've cried. We went and got some ice cream to "celebrate" Logan's milestone!
It was so hot out today that we decided to use our pool pass and dip into the pool for the first time this season! Oh my goodness! It was so refreshing, and even though it wasn't cold, it wasn't hot either so it felt good! Logan loved it. We put him in his plane tube and he was loving it, at first. I made the mistake of taking him out and letting him swim with us and then that's all he wanted to do! Ha! A great way to end or start the week, however you look at it!

Fun in the sun!!

Chilling poolside =)


Liz Butler said...

He looks adorable with his new do! But you know, the thing about that first haircut is that it ages them instantly. They start looking like "big kids" and it just kills me.
How's that Memphis heat treating you? Lovely, isn't it?

Krystle said...

Thank you =) and I know exactly what you mean!! I've been saying it all day, he looks much older!! It's heartbreaking especially when he's becoming more and more independent! Oman this Memphis heat HOT!! Much hotter than I've ever been used too...What do you guys do to keep the kids busy? I don't want to get cabin fever but sometimes it's soooo hot I end up staying inside!


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