June 03, 2010


I'm able to blog again. I have been without a computer for what felt like weeks but was only 2 days or so. This weekend we went to my mom's and I left my computer charger there! UGH. My battery life is a max of 2 hours and it was already halfway used up. I would only go on to check things real quick and get off but it happened. The computer died and I felt like I'd been disconnected from the world. But it came today, finally! So now I'll quickly sum up a relaxing weekend, a delish meal, and plans for my sweetie's bday!

(photo courtesy of Google)

Relaxing Weekend:
Memorial Day weekend was RELAXING. It was nice to be with my mom and see my grandparents and introduce Logan to farm animals. He wasn't to keen with donkeys and ponys (maybe because they were his height and came up to fast) but he loved the horses and the dogs, of course. We bought Logan a baby pool to cool off in, and, at first, he was scared, but we showed him that it was similar to bath time and, well, he took to it and didn't want to come out. We were home by Monday night and crashed! Even though it was a 4 hour drive it felt much longer!

Delish Meal:
Last night I made a chicken dish using a recipe that I read in --you guessed it-- Real Simple. Have I told you guys how much I love that mag?! Well, I do. I really need a subscription! Anywho, it was amazingly good! The name of the recipe is Spiced Chicken with Couscous Salad...Normally I would've have posted the recipe itself but since I feel the post is sorta long so I've attached the link! But I will post the pic since I plated it just like they did =)

Sweetie's Bday:Tomorrow is my sweetie's bday! I want to make it extra special because it's his first bday away from his family. My plan is to make him a pork fajita dinner (yum), make him a devil's food cake with chocolate icing on the outside and vanilla icing in the middle, and make him pistacchio pudding (not my favorite kind but he likes it and it's about him tomorrow). I'm also making him a flap book with pictures of him and Logan (it's intended to be a gift from Logan)! That's that. I have a busy day tomorrow! ♥

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