June 09, 2010

A little UGH and a little excitement!

(Photo courtesy of User findstuff22 on Photobucket)
It's a summery pic and refreshing one, at that!

I lost my camera!! GASP!! It's in my house somewhere but I just don't know where. I mildy rearranged my living room and probably moved it and don't remember where I put it. Another possibility is that Logan misplaced it somewhere too...His chubby hands are quick to grab things he's not supposed to have and then hide them (without knowing it). Sigh. I hope I find it soon because I'm doing up my sunroom and I want to show it off when I'm done! We're painting it Ash Bark from the Martha Stewart line!
(courtesy of Martha Stewart.com)
#14 is the Ash Bark color.

Some of the other ideas I've had were to remove the blinds from my windows and just hang sheer drapes, in either a beachy blue or ivory color.  Pottery Barn (love) has these drapes with ties on the top instead of tabs! While I was doing my morning reading of blogs, I came across these wonderful and inspiring ideas, as well. Shawni at 71 Toes created silhouettes of her children and numbered them in their birth order and explained how she did them. It seemed pretty simple and I'm excited to do a silhouette of Logan!  YHL posted yesterday a readers office redo that only costed about $200 and it looks amazing. Anyways, the reader included a website, called Vintage Printable, which allows you to print artwork for free! Awesome, right? I'm excited. I can't wait to see how my ideas turn out!

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Jesse said...

Darn about the camera! But exciting about the sunroom. Making it Lovely, just had a review on her using the Martha Stewart paint. I am going to go check out that free printable art too! Thanks!


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