June 21, 2010

Needs a Title

I scrapbooked yesterday while I had Chris trapped in the bedroom because his presents were on the coffee table waiting to be opened and waiting for Logan to wake up. A while back, Chris' mom gave us a few pictures of Chris when he was a baby, mostly so we could compare Logan to our baby pictures. I ended up keeping those few pictures and decided to scrap them since I had the perfect paper.

The charred and inked paper was already done for me. It was done at a class back in NJ that I unfortunately missed, so I can't tell you the technique, but I can tell you that the paper was torn and then inked along the edges with black ink.  The paper used was by Stephanie Hunt's collection called "Estate Sale". The flowers were made using newspaper, black ink, and Mod Podge and kept together using brads (and those I made =)

Anyway, how cute was my man!? I see Logan in these pictures in how he's standing, the face he's making, just everything. I'm stumped, though, for a title. I was thinking of "Sweet Kisses" because of the little kiss Chris had received, but I also thought of "Lil' Kisses" and "Young Kisses". Help! =)

1 comment:

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

What a cute page! Personally, I like the "Sweet Kisses" title. I think it works with the innocence of it all. See you tomorrow! :)


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