December 16, 2010

Contract Pending..Yikes!

We got our contract on the house yesterday! There's something exciting and daunting about seeing

online, next to the house you're going to buy. Half of me is excited and tickled to pieces about this new adventure, while the other half of me is dredging up every little bit of "what ifs". I keep pushing that half back down. It's only going to feel more real after we do our inspection, which is THIS Friday! I honestly thought they did inspections closer to closing time but that doesn't seem to be the case.  

In other non-house related news UPS came to my house last night and dropped off a box with these wonderful titles in it:

Now I know I have a Nook and I rave about it ALL the time but you I just couldn't pass up a deal when it presents itself. HarperCollins has an advantage program for News Corp. and its sister companies employees and thank you Chris for having a job with one of their companies because I was able to get 65% off the cover prices for all these books. So instead of paying $68 and change I paid 27 and change! You just can't beat it! So I'll have to alternate between reading books (old school) and reading them on my Nook! Plus once I'm done with the books I can hand them down to friends who want to read them too.  Who knows when I'm gonna get to read though. I need to be packing and painting and then unpacking and painting! Ha!

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