December 13, 2010

Offer Accepted and Other Things

We officially accepted a fair offer on the house, last night. Now let the fun begin! I'm so excited, nervous, and have only had two panic attacks so that's good! Ha! Honestly, though, I can't believe we're going to be homeowners. We, hopefully, will be closing on the house in January of 2011 and probably won't move in until sometime in February!

This weekend we we've all been sick. Blech. It's not fun, especially, when I need to get some shopping done and sent out this week for our family back at home. We pushed through, though, and got most of the stuff done, wrapped and sent out. Go us! We even got to do some wrapping done for Logan's stuff, but I'm still feeling blech and so is everyone else. Poor Logan's got some teeth coming through on top of not feeling well!

We've also had some pretty cold weather, here in the Memphis area, and I'm loving it! I've had a Starbuck's hot chocolate at least once everyday! I'm sure I've gained some major pounds in the last week but I love warm drinks and soups on a cold, fall (winter?) day! So that's why you see pretty pictures of warm drinks.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here's to a great week ♥
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MrsB said...

ohmygoodness! congrats on the house! that is so incredibly exciting!

Krystle said...

Thank you =) It totally is! I just want to move in and not worry about the other stuff! Ha!

Liz said...

Congratulations and welcome to home ownership! It is so fun to decorate a new house and make it a home. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Krystle said...

Thank you Liz! I will definitely post more pics as I take them!


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