December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We enjoyed our holiday with Logan and my parents and sister but I missed being able to see Chris' family too, even though we were able to see them with Skype or talk to them over the phone.

Christmas Eve:
I made an apple pie for Christmas Eve. I'll post the
recipe later.
The Legos were part of our Advent Lego Calendar!

Christmas Day:

I got my Cricut! Yay!!

We had so much fun entertaining our family! I just wish everyone lived closer together so we could've seen everyone. I missed that alot. I was so excited that we got a flurry for part of the day, even if it didn't stick! Logan was sorta interested in Christmas this year but not so much. Maybe next year he'll open all of his presents instead of just a few! Ha! Today is a relaxing day and I hope everyone gets to do the same today.


MrsB said...

love the photos! and yay for the cricut!!!!

Krystle said...

Thanks! I'm super excited about my Cricut, but I probably won't put it to any real use until we move.


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