December 15, 2010

21 Months

You've come a long way in a month
You're vocabulary is increasing and becoming clearer
Paw print, blue, clue, apple, tree, three, bye are new words

You jump, for real, both feet off the ground (floor)
I'm sure it's a real treat for whoever lives below us
(I'll remember to apologize when we move out)

Your favorite TV show is Blue's Clues
(Could you tell from the above vocab? Ha!)
You've become real good at opening the fridge
and pulling out what you want.

Your favorite toys are still Tonka Trucks and Little People
Thankfully, you still LOVE to be read to
and still love to look through books and "read" them.

You're still a picky eater, some days you eat lots, and some
days you eat very little, but I've been told that's normal.

We started giving you regular milk, again,
and you seem to be doing well with!
Chocolate milk is your favorite but you
don't get it all the time!

It's a blessing to get to wake up
to your smiling face and your beautiful eyes.
It's a blessing to hold and play with you all day.
It's a blessing to kiss you good  night
and wish you sweet dreams.

There are only ten days until Christmas!
I can't wait to see you open your
presents and say "Whoa" and "Wow"!
I know it's gonna be a hoot to watch ♥

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey dont forget.... Uncle Bob, and he can also say Octogon... =]


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