December 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

Whew do I have a ton of blogs to read! I've been enjoying the company of my best friend who flew in Wednesday from New Jersey!

So many things have happened this year!

Let's see, major 2010 things that happened:
  • I got engaged! Yay!
  • Logan turned 1.
  • Chris got promoted.
  • In turn, we moved 1100 miles away from home
  • Chris's brother got engaged to his girlfriend right before Christmas
  • We bought our first house, not technically closing until 2011, but we started it this year
Minor things
      We visited the states of Kentucky and Arkansas
      We went home to visit our family in Aug.
      I held Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner for the first time
      I made some friends on this blog and in our new state

We also had our fair share of downs this year. We've worked through them and pushed forward! With that said, I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and much luck this coming year! I know it'll be filled with ups and downs but I'm hoping more ups for everyone. I make no resolutions because when I don't keep them I get down on myself but I do have a few goals!   Hugs and kisses to you all for a bright New Year ♥


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