May 01, 2010


We made it to Tennessee but I'm not gonna lie...I'm homesick! It took a total of 18 hours to get here in the car (we also had to go slow because the U-Haul could only go so fast). Logan was a trooper doing 13 hours in one day!
Logan in the backseat with his pal Scout!

I was at my wit's end, even though, I'm completely appreciative of the help! This is entire move did not go as I had planned in my head. When we got to the apartment it was dirty, smelled of smoke, and was even in some places broken (holes in the doors, etc.)! I was completely appalled, making the transition completely worse! I do have to say that I now know what Southern hospitality means. Even though the complex was quick to defend their workers and whatnot they set out to set things straight (carpets cleaned and place repainted in the same day and the linoleum replaced next day)! A door and new microwave were ordered but when we came back the kitchen light had blown out and the sink was leaking!! Could this get any worse?!

Logan climbing inside the fridge!

With the apartment taken care of and the bigger pieces moved in we called it a day and the next day finished the move. We had to take the U-Haul back which was fine until I missed my exit and GOT LOST!! Completely lost!! Keep in mind I had no cell phone and the GPS was with Chris who I was following...Long story short, I found someone to ask for directions, got back where I needed to be and miraculously found the U-Haul without even trying (I was already set on going back to the apt. to get my phone)! Still I was frazzled because this was only our 2nd day!

Boxes and toys in the sunroom

Boxes and boxes in the dining room!

Yesterday I decided to just stay home and unpack and gather my thoughts. I need to stop sulking but I'm sad but I also know that with time this place can become my home. I accomplished alot of unpacking and I think we finally got a handle on our kitchen! Today we're under a tornado watch...weird to even type that because I've never even had to worry about that. I think Chris and I are going to have to set up a plan for when stuff like this happens because we've been hearing sirens and thinking they're fire station sirens when in reality they've been tornado sirens.  Just another adjustment, which is fine, but I still miss home. I am thankful that the people down are here are extremely helpful, pleasant, polite, and will talk to just about anyone...I needed that! ♥
My finished (for now) closet!!


Jesse said...

Hang in there girl, it will get better every day. =)

Liz Butler said...

I am so sorry that things haven't exactly gone "smoothly", but look on the bright side,... maybe you're getting all the bad stuff out of the way now, so you can actually enjoy the days to come, sans tornado sirens :)

I know you're very busy with the move, but if you want to take a break next Saturday, join us for our monthly Saturday Night Layouts class. It's held from 4-8pm and you leave the class with 8 photo-ready layouts. If you're interested call Eclectica to sign up. It might be a good distraction to get around other people who share your joy for scrapbooking. And also, I'd love to meet you.

Remember, we're not native Memphians and have been through several moves, so if there is anything we can help you with, PLEASE do let me know.


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