May 04, 2010


It's a beautiful day here in Memphis but I intend to stay inside for the most of the day, except for a quick trip to the post office, because my allergies have NOT acclimated to Memphis (outside). I also wanted to take a second to let the folks in Nashville know that they're in my prayers and thoughts. The flooding there is completely terrible and tragic! So keep them in your prayers too!

When I put Logan down for his nap I decided to get to work on my mini-book that I picked up at Eclectica yesterday! I've been itching to scrap and this satifies in less than an hour! I was hesitant on buying the kit because it was a little girlie but I think I was able to make it somewhat boyish.

I changed this up a little bit...Instead of going down vertically I did it horizontally.


(Mommy and Me)
The pink was ok because I was in the picture =)


The End

Real Housewives of NJ premiered last night (my guilty pleasure)!! It made me miss NJ even though I lived nowhere near where they live! Ha! Glee's on tonight too!! I Love Love Love that show!! ♥


Liz Butler said...

HEY! You bought my mini-book! YAY! I love how it turned out. :)

Krystle said...

Haha! Yes I did! It was a great mini project!! Thank you =)

MrsB said...

what a cute book!


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