May 26, 2010


Yes, we need to downsize the boxes of Logan's outgrown clothes, his closet was becoming a cramped mess instead of the wonderful walk-in it's supposed to be. As you can see there are SEVEN boxes!! I would be giving them to Goodwill but it was costly to arrive at 7 boxes and we're holding on to them in hopes that a future baby (if it's a boy) can use them (no we're not having another baby....Yet! Ha!)

So in order to contain the chaos of Pampers boxes that were taking over the closet we decided to try out those Original Space-Saver bags. They seemed to have worked, however, Chris read reviews where many people said they stopped working after a month or so (crud!) and a friend of ours said the same thing. I hope they hold up because I was able to fit 2 boxes in 1 large bag (3 large bags came in a box) and it definitely is better than bulky boxes!

(Shoes, booties, hats, pjs, clothes...they're all in there!)

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