May 14, 2010

Memphis in May

Getting ready for his Memphis in May experience

Last night, Chris' job, hosted their client party at Tom Lee Park, for Memphis in May. Now Memphis in May is a month long series of events, hosted obviously in Memphis, each week focusing on a different aspect of culture (i.e. music, food).  If I'm wrong please tell me because this is how I understood what it was all about! This weekend is all about the BBQ contests going on! I really did love this and next year Logan is going to Grandma's so that Mommy and Daddy can enjoy this a little bit more!

Anyways before I experienced Memphis in May I really thought that 1) that it took place on Beale St., 2). that it was like a neighborhood party --you do need tickets and they do cost $$ (I don't know how much but I don't think it's much) & 3). it was small.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! I'm glad I was too!

This is just a tiny part of what the park looked like. There were tents and tents and more tents! Some tents were home to BBQ contenders, who each had a creative name, very creative tents and delicious smelling BBQ, while other tents housed sponsers and reserved (private) parties. Each with their own music, food, drinks, people. Whoever catered for the station made some amazing BBQ, I probably could've eaten it all night! HA!

This is the Grizzlies tent. The Grizzlies are Memphis' NBA team!

Here's the stage where they had local artists competing to be "Queen of Memphis of May" and where they had awards!

The view from up top! Beautiful! We did have someone at the station take a family picture, so hopefully they'll send Chris an email with that photo in it because it was cute =) Lots of fun, if you read this and are in the area go and have fun, bring the umbrella though because I hear it's gonna rain!


Liz Butler said...

HA! Six years we've lived here and I've never been. Scott has, and we were actually planning on meeting downtown today to go to a friend's tent (who's actually competing in BBQ fest), but our plans feel through. Maybe next year.
So glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time...


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