May 17, 2010

14 Months

Saturday Logan turned 14 Months old! I really can't believe another month has gone by. I know I say the same thing each and every month but time goes by so much faster now, or so it seems. It feels like just yesterday I not only blogged about his 1st birthday but about him being 13 months old. Maybe it's because it's in the smack dab middle of the month. Whatever the case he's definitely evolving more and more towards toddlerhood and away from his infancy.  These are some of the things Logan is doing now:

  • He's running! Not walking fast, well he does that too, but he RUNS!

  • He recognizes objects and understands simple directions

  • He can sip out of a straw now!

  • He's officially off his bottle...I just have to pack them now =(

  • He still has his binky! I'm gonna start on that next =)

  • He babbles non-stop; Sometimes it sounds like he's saying some words or phrases.

  • He chases or runs from moving toys, Ha!

  • He stomps...I think he's dancing or trying to jump

  • He still hasn't had his first haircut.

  • He LOVES to pull stuff out of the garbage

  • He climbs stairs and not just stairs but anything that can be climbed up on or over!

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MrsB said...

gosh he looks


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