April 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life--How I Met my Soon to Be Hubby!

I met Chris about 5 years ago through mutual friends, Becky and Mel. Unfortunately I was involved with someone already and we really never talked. One day at a party we started talking and I was instantly struck! He was intelligent, could carry a decent conversation, and was a gentleman! I was still involved though but eventually that relationship floundered in late 2007. I was greatful that it ended and I think I had to go through that relationship in order to appreciate the relationship I have now!

In 2008, my friend Becky was having a party for her birthday and Chris was there!! Exciting! To keep a long story short Chris had made arrangments to go on a date with his barber (who was a girl) and I was able to convince him to go on a "non-date" with me just so I could see if there was still a true spark and not a rebound spark. Our "non-date" went so well! I found out that both of us had come from divorced families, both of us were raised relatively the same, we had common interests, and he was just awesome!

We started dating 2 1/2 weeks after that. He introduced me to his family, we went fishing (which I had never done), he took me places I'd never gone to but wanted to locally. However, much much shortly after we started dating I got pregnant with Logan! We were both equally terrified and I wanted out and fast! Chris was completely calm on the outside, even though, I'm sure he was scared as anything on the inside! He wanted to make this work, he wanted his baby, and he wanted a family. I calmed down myself and even though I wasn't ready for my new relationship to take a total upturn like this his calmness made me feel everything was going to be ok.

It's better than ok! Logan is now 13 months old, Chris and I will have been together for 2 years come May and we rarely argue about anything. He's my best friend and I sort of knew he was the one from the first time we talked. He keeps me grounded and he makes me better when I'm down.We got engaged March 2, 2010 and we're planning an October 2011 wedding.  I couldn't have asked for a better outcome!!

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