May 07, 2010

Show Us Your Life -- Kids Names

I love Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" topics. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd one I've participated in and this week's is one of my favorite topics: BABY (KIDS) NAMES!! Since I can remember I've been thinking of baby names (without realizing that I may have to compromise! Really little girls don't think of naming their babies with boys (eek) involved! HA!) When I got pregnant with my baby I was excited really about naming him/her!

For a boy we chose Logan Christopher...actually Chris had no choice in the naming of his son because that's how adamant I was about the name Logan.  I've loved that name since I was 12 and met a little boy who's name was Logan (he was freaking cute). I loved how the name just flowed off my lips. I also have a soft spot for anything Irish which this fit the bill (I believe it's actually Gaelic) so initially Logan was going to be Logan Patrick.  I felt bad, though, that Chris' potential son would only have his last name so I adjusted the name (I make it seem put out huh? Ha!) and instead of Patrick went with Christopher! Together it sounds strong. Just an FYI, Logan is Celtic (sometimes I see Gaelic and Scottish) for From the hollow and Christopher is Greek for Bearer of Christ.  We (and I mean I) have another boy name picked out already but I'll save that for when we have another baby!
For a girl we had such a difficult time choosing and by the end of the pregnancy we didn't have one. Some of the ones we played with were: Madelyn, Madison, Hailey (Haileigh), Shannon, Jillian, Danica, Delaney, & Julie. We only had one paired up with a middle name and that was Marlena Victoria. Next pregnancy we'll probably start with a clean slate and try again. I can't wait to read everyone's who posted on Kelly's website!!

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i love christopher for a boy...that's what i would have chosen for my son if i'd had one :)


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