May 11, 2010


On my wishlist (and it's been on my wishlist for months now) is this e-reader: the Nook!

along with this cover to protect it

Oh how I want these so.
It would definitely save the trip to B & N
I'm about to take!
The trip's not so bad, but, owning one of these
would satisfy one's need to read at 12:30 AM
when there's no book to read and a single book can be
downloaded in 30 seconds!

Birthday maybe?
but that's in DECEMBER!!!
Hmmm, well we'll just have to wait.
Good things come to those who wait, right?

**I was just informed (after writing about this) that I almost had it! Instead the jewelery box jumped out at him. It's a beautiful jewelery box, all of my jewelery fit in it. How I wish I hadn't been told this information. Thanks Chris.**

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