January 18, 2010

New Moon

Good morning!  So I've just finished Lauren Conrad's book (L.A. Candy) and it was a quick, young adult read.  My next book is New Moon.  I'm not a die hard Twilight fan and I tend not to follow pop culture hype, just like when the Notebook came out, I didn't rush out to read the book or watch the movie, and I still haven't.  The Twilight hype was/is somewhat annoying and has brought back vampires & werewolves to the literary scene, but I digress, because I'm finally getting around to reading New Moon.  I borrowed it from the future MIL and have had it for months now!  I haven't been able to get into it.  I borrowed Twilight from one of my girlfriend's daughters and held on to it for over a year before I sucked it up and started it.  I saw the movie Twilight and was not impressed, which is okay because neither were alot of other "die-hard" fans. So without further delay I will start New Moon so that I can give it back and to make myself feel like I didn't waste anyones time holding on to it!

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