January 26, 2010

Christopher Moore

I read tons and tons and tons of books! I love reading it's one of my favorite things in the world. It's the outlet for imagination and whatnot. I usually don't have favorite authors because I tend to read whatever strikes me as a cool cover (yes, I'm the one that judges books, literal ones, by their cover). I have to say though that I do have at least one favorite author and that's Christopher Moore. I loved the one book I read by him called Lamb. I felt weird reading it at first because of the topic but when I started reading it I felt various emotions and not one was weird or sad or ashamed. This book made me feel closer to Jesus than any CCD session had, but I warn you, if you want to read this book you have to keep an open mind. Moore portrays Jesus as a teenager and early twenty-something trying to identify with who he is and what he must do. He has the character say things that some people would downright consider blasphemous but it is simply another person's view of what could've been. The next book I'm reading is on a completely different topic and I think I chose it because I just came off of reading New Moon. It's called Bloodsucking Fiends, hopefully I'll see the same humor and wit as I did with the book I previously read by Moore.

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