January 31, 2010

{{Lazy}} Saturday

I spent an entire, well almost entire, day in my bed under the covers watching movies and reading today!!!! Snowfall, dinner and a Barnes and Noble run with Chris ended the perfect night. I miss Logan soo much and I can't wait to pick him up tomorrow!! I picked up the current issues of Parent and House & Home, not to mention I got the recent Parenting mag in the mail! I'm in love with magazines right now, and I don't know why. I even got to finish my book, giving me the opportunity to start another one tomorrow.   We were supposed to go to Smithville tomorrow, but with the snow that they got down there and the FREEZING cold, we skipped the idea...We'll just have to go another time.  I'm scrapping tomorrow, so when I'm done with the finished project I will post it up =) Nite.

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