January 24, 2010

Found a new love: Country Living ♥

Yesterday was Chris's first day back from his 48 hour trip to Memphis for that job interview. He said everything went really well and we should hear back by the end of next week! Woo!! Can't wait, I really hope he gets it even though it'll mean moving out of New Jersey but I think we're ready for the challenge!  Anyways, we went to several places to return stuff and get stuff for the Lemon-Basil Potatoes that I saw Giada de Laurentiis make on the Food Network! They were amazing and just as good as she made it seem on tv!

While we on line at ShopRite I saw the cover for Country Living magazine and I wanted it because of everything on the front cover.  But we were in a rush to get out of there because it was freaking CRAZY.  Anyways we went to Target to return gifts that Logan had already received and I went straight to the magazine section and picked it up, along with my other FAVORITE magazine, Real Simple.  I was so excited and I wanted to get to reading it as soon as I came home but I had to first, make the taters and then his cousin brought over 2 of his 3 girls for us to watch! So needless to say I didn't get to the mag until 11 pm! But once I opened it I was in LOVE. These are the things that I would love, love, love to have in Memphis or wherever we end up living, hopefully!

This was painted in "Saffron" and was $159 from Gothic Cabinet Craft

These decorative birdcages were awesome too! They're only $38 and are from Great Rooms Decor.

These mum napkin rings are adorable and they weren't the exact same ones in the mag but still close and for the same price of $2.95 from Pier 1 Imports.

This print I love for a dining room and/or kitchen.  It's 18 pounds or the US equivalent of $28.99.

These prints are cute to and are from Keep Calm Gallery a U.K. based company! The one above, coffee, is 20 pounds or the US equivalent of $32.21, as per the conversion done on XE.com.

And last but not least these creamers, from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.com, at $8 each, are cute and the neat thing about these is that there are 13 different colors to choose from, giving you the ability to match it up to your dinnerware, or almost match it up!

So there ya have it! Boy this was probably my longest but insightful post. At least I know where I can find these items if I lose the magazine! =)  ♥ I love lazy sundays!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah...i really like your magazine shopping that red table is very shabby cute... Kiddo, just pray for that new challege, we are all praying even ppl at work =]... Knowing you are only 4 hours away, woooo hoooo... =]


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