January 25, 2010

Logan's 10 Month Visit

Logan went to the doctor's today for his 10 month well appt.  It's been 10 months since I've been doing this and no matter what I always have mixed emotions.  I'm excited because I get to see how much he's grown and get to gush about his milestones, early or late, and voice my concerns about things that have happened, are happening, or that haven't happened! Yet there's always a knot in my throat because I know that he needs to get his shots and no ONE wants their baby to cry and be poked with needles, even if it's for good. 

SO anyways, Logan had his last Hep B shot (WOOT WOOT!) and he had his final dose of the flu shot (WOOT WOOT!!) Then it happened....they told me that at this appt. they test for lead and do a CBC using, you guessed it, Logan's blood! My options were to take him to an outside lab where they would look for the vein and do it the way we adults get blood taken or I could pay $30, have it done in the office and they would only prick his finger and take the blood that way. Well, duh, I took my second option, no need to traumatize my son to save myself $30! That sucked too because when they were done collecting the blood they told me to apply pressure to stop the bleeding! Um, I want to console my crying baby and I have to stop the bleeding myself? Ugh, t did eventually stop and I didn't apply the pressure as told to do because pressing his finger made him cry harder so I just sat there with him until it stopped. Other than that he did really well at his doctor's appt. weighing in at 21.5 pounds and measuring at 28 3/4" and his head was a whopping 41 cm.

Obviously this isn't today but this is what he looks like after his drs. appt. Worn out!

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Poor little thing...


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