January 20, 2010

The Inflatable Firetruck

Logan was given an inflatable firetruck for Christmas by his Uncle Matt & Aunt Tierney.  The firetruck came with 25 balls that are soft and they're like the balls at the ball station at ChuckeeCheese's...Anyway it's meant to be sat in and play with the balls and whatnot but my son has figured out other ways to play with the firetruck.

Here's one example...He's hanging out the exit spot laying on his side, chewing on his ball, and watching TV...

Then there's him hanging out the exit area, laying on his side, and clapping!

Instead of using the exit to exit Logan tries to climb over and out of his firetruck and sometimes even ends up tipping the firetruck over! He doesn't seem to mind either!

And we do the same to get back in the firetruck, as seen below:

Or he uses it to lounge out and take a break from all the playing, crawling, and walking!

I love him! This was one of the best Christmas presents a little boy could've ever received! He loves sitting in it, playing in it, and throwing the balls out of it!! It's also fun to watch him play in it and take pics of all the new stuff he does!

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