January 13, 2010

I Dream of Kitchen....

So Chris sent his resume out to Memphis yesterday and like any girl with an outdated kitchen I dreamed of a home with an updated kitchen and LOTS AND LOTS of cabinet space and drawers! My kitchen is the size of someone's master bathroom. there's one little drawer that doesn't fit anything ...My utensils are visible to the outside world and so are my pots. The range is the storage area for the pots. Counterspace is nil and the cabinets I do have are small.  Don't get me wrong I'm extremely grateful for even having a kitchen at all but a girl can dream.

Of course it wouldn't be exactly like this, there would be some modifications...lol...but this is the size and the appearance of something I would like in a home.  I can cook for my family and we can have a place that we can all come together. I know everywhere I go the kitchen is usually the place to "hang" now.  This is, for now, just a dream.  Hopefully one day my dream can be realized.
**Note: I changed it from the cherry wood to this French country style...I'm loving this with vintage-y things =) **

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