November 29, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

You really are so pretty! Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree it's been a real journey! And for our Fraser tree it's been a journey! We went to Cedar Hill Farm in Hernando, MS, to get our tree and they shipped these trees in from North Carolina. It's to hot down here for them to build this particular type of tree. Anyways, I absolutely fell in LOVE with that farm! I think watching Logan just run and be happy made my heart melt for this place. We got to see some goats and pigs and Logan was just to funny trying to mimic me making the animal sounds!

The first tree I saw didn't feel like my tree, but the second tree was it! It is so pretty.

The drive home was nerve-wracking, at least, for me. We've never had to drive such a long distance to get a tree home, so we took the long way home, went the speed limit, and made it home, tree and car intact! Yay! 

Sorry for the bright light!

Again, I apologize for my amateur photography, I just wanted a pic where you could see the lights

Here she is all decorated and lit! I was gonna do ribbons in place of my traditional red garland but I think with my twinkling lights and my ornaments it would've been overkill so we're going garland-less this year and it looks just as good!

Honestly, I just posted a whole post on a Christmas tree! Hope you didn't become bored but out of all the Christmas decorations the tree is my favorite! I'll have to post the rest of the decor once I'm done with it all!

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Pamela said...

We did this with our daughter. The pictures will be precious when he's all grown and doing the same thing with his children. Guess I'm a nostalgic grandmother!


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