November 08, 2010

House Hunters!

After our first open house last weekend and viewing six houses today I think we can officially call ourselves house hunters! Even though we're really early on in the game of house searching & buying it's definitely an experience and you learn so much about what you want, what's realistic, and how the world of buying, selling, and becoming homeowners is all about. All of this house searching and viewing has re-ignited my old flame with HGTV & DIY Network too! We definitely want a house that's new but that we can work on and try our hand at home remodel (renovating) but nothing major!

So far I've fallen in major like with this house:
It's distorted for obvious reasons but you can still tell what it looks like!

I'm in LOVE with this one but there's some major cons:

Again distorted.

So far it's these two that we're definitely looking into but we're not stopping there! We're going to continue to look! Hopefully by early next year we'll have found a house that feels like home as soon as we walk through it!


Liz said...

FUN! I love House Hunters and actually the event of house hunting. Where are you guys looking?

Krystle said...

We're looking around Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland. It is fun but exhausting. So many homes with possibilities and some with possibilities plus issues!

Jesse said...

Both are adorable! House hunting is fun! Good luck!

Krystle said...

Thanks Jesse =)


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