November 16, 2010

House Love!

Over the weekend, Chris and I saw four more houses that looked like potentials. We were going to go back to this house:
but decided that the cons were to great, even though, the sellers were going to address several of the issues we have. I haven't completely put it off, it's still a potential but as the week went on I started to give some thought to this house:

We went by it one night and as I pulled into the driveway I had that at home feeling! Since that night I've fallen in LOVE. Sure it needs to be remodeled and it's missing a tub and a fireplace but all of these things can be fixed with time! I'm in LOVE with this house. So we went back to see it on Sunday and my love for it has increased, especially, after meeting some of the neighbors!

However, we haven't stopped looking and we probably won't until we are signed, sealed, delivered on a house, preferably my LOVE house! We also saw this house:
This house had very few cons but it lacked that "I'm home feeling" and I can't believe I'm saying this because honestly all you'd have to do to this house throw up some paint and move in! It is a contender though!

This week we'll be taking a break from viewing houses because Chris' parents will be in town! Yay! We haven't had anyone visit us (except my mom) since we moved to TN. Logan will be thrilled to pieces to spend the weekend with them, as will we!

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