February 22, 2010

Weekend Highlights

So my weekend was supposed to be eventful and turned out to not be so eventful but no biggie! It was better that way. Saturday I scrapped with my future step-MIL and Cousin In Law =) and then went out to Downtown in Red Bank with a couple of friends.

Sunday was supposed to be laden with visits and dinners and instead we ended up having dinner cancelled but Chris' mom and her husband came to visit and see Logan and then Chris' friend, Josh, who he hasn't seen in years, came by to visit and meet me and Logan =) It was nice to see Chris with one of his "besties". For dinner, instead, we had hamburger helper. Logan had Pasta Stars and boy oh boy did he make a mess!!!

Later that evening we took a trip to Target!! I love Target. I was going there to get March's issue of Real Simple (yes, I know, I should take out a subscription). While we were there we bought Logan the Laurie Berkner CD. He loves her on NickJr and most of the songs on TV are on the CD!
I also bought, which was THE highlight of my ENTIRE weekend, and yes it's SAD, a flatware organizer!!!! It was much needed as you will soon see!
The before (on the left) and the after (on the right).

Our place has a very small kitchen with few cabinets and just one itty bitty drawer...One that's not made for utensils, so we improvised using the plastic lasagna storage thing as our flatware holder. Yeah it was a sight for sore eyes! So, hence, after a year or so we FINALLY bought an actual flatware organizer and today I feel much better!

My other highlight of the weekend was getting my Children's Place PerksCard in the mail! When I asked about it the store told me that people were randomly selected to receive them, it wasn't something you could sign up for. Albeit my disappointment I continued to shop there for Logan's clothes and I finally received one! Woo!!!


MrsB said...

i didnt know you blogged! love it! thanks for following - im heading to follow you back right away. ♥

Krystle said...

I just started, well just really started getting into it! Thanks =)


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