February 15, 2010

Sundays are...

...for resting and getting over hangovers...Woo! We, or rather I, haven't been out that late in soooo long...Saturday night we went out for dinner with Chris' cousin and his wife and then out drinking and having a good time.  Oh boy, thank God for Motrin before bed because I really do believe my headache would've been 20x worse without them! 
Anyways, Sundays are great days for holidays like Valentine's Day. You get to celebrate before and hang out and relax the day of.  I must say this was probably one of the BEST Valentine's ever (and that's not because I love chocolate's and flowers). We got to spend time together, alone, with our baby, and then with family.

Anyways I got Chris Legos, because, yes I know he's a grown adult, but he loves them and I like making him happy and watching him try to put it together fast and whatnot.  He truly is a kid at heart. 

For Valentine's Day I got roses (yay), Uggs and 2 charms from Pandora.

Although I love that my boy bought me presents my favorite "gifts" were the cards he gave. 

I thought it was a funny card! My favorite is the next one.

He ripped off the picture "of the two people he didn't know" (those were his own words) and inserted a picture of us instead!! SWEETT..On the inside he wrote words that made me all warm and fuzzy inside, words of reassurance.  I love him and I'm so glad he is (was) my Valentine! We ended the night on the couch watching a movie and trying to take pics with Chris' eyes opened! It was pretty funny!
On another note I FINALLY got my hair cut!!! Here's what it looks like (sorry about the photo, I just woke up and was like crap I forgot to take a pic of it!)

So much easier to manage!!!

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