February 07, 2010

Sundays are...

....definitely not a work day! Even though it was only 5 hours it was 5 hours too long! I would have rather have slept through 7 AM instead of being up at 7 AM! Yeah last Sunday was way better.  Super bowl was awesome (I didn't watch it).  I loved that New Orleans won though!! Woo for the Saints. I wasn't happy about having Chris break the news about Memphis to everyone. Yeah that's right...Memphis. The city that is supposed to be an opportunity for us even though it's the biggest unknown yet and we're not even engaged! I cried. I'm not sure I want to go. I have nothing or anyone out there. My mom's 4 hours away so that's a plus. Still I won't have someone knocking on my windows at all kinds of inopportune times. Crap. I'm a Jersey Girl. How the hell do you pump gas? Coach outlet is in Nashville which is 3 hours AWAY. Yes I already looked for the Coach outlet...lol. I'm not shallow, I just love my Coach! =) I'm sad. Chris is worried about money, in fact, I feel that's all I ever hear out of his mouth. It's becoming a nuisance actually. 

I'm trying to feel a little better by using this blog as an outlet because Chris and I are almost on our 3rd full blowout over the subject. I don't feel like using this blog though as a place to whine so I'm going to post some pretty stuff in purple..Yeah I don't like purple but Real Simple had some cute inspiration for the color.

Niche Modern Solitare pendant, $425 (http://www.ylighting.com/)

LSA violet vase (http://www.conranusa.com/)

I love these glass knobs from Anthro!

sweater from Anthro

I love sandals and flip-flops. These are from Gap.
 and to end I'm posting up these Hydrangeas (mmm smell good and remind us of spring)


Anonymous said...

Krystle??? Dont rush anything, Getting all upset bc he wont pop the question...In this world we rush everything, then when we get it we want more we are never satify.. in time Chris will ask you but let him do what he has to do, his way of thinking is not like ours...especially Chris is must see the plan first..get to Memphis, get an apartment,work, save money, pay the bills, he will now be taking care of every bill bc you need to stay home with Logan, and that is ok bc Logan will not be a baby for long... Enjoy the time you have with Logan now, he will grow so fast and u will wish to return to those days... You need to see a different picture, not be upset he hasnt ask you it will happen but he has to fix all his layers first. He even mention to build a home, you will love it out in Memphis. Dont be a downer bc ppl expect you do be engage... I rush it and i did love your dad and it all fell apart bc i was being selfish never looking at it his way..only mine, i need it now, i have to have it now .. its nice to have it but then you look back and say eh i really dont need it... there are more important things... WE live in a Country that if we want it just jump in the truck and drive u have it... go to another country and they would be happy to have water...just water, clean water...Just be happy right now where your at,your life just started and your going to have a wonderful journey...just learn to see life in a different way... I love you and I would love for you to be married to but now i know there are more things going on in their heads and i only know now bc i am older and wiser lol..lmbo.. go figer..wiser eh??? yes me lol.. Just Enjoy the little time you have in Jersey now, with your friend and stay positive...To the moon and back i love you kiddo

Mary said...

Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com


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